Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's the things you know

A huge thanks to Jess of 21 Days (and Flatman, of course, for pointing me to her) for showing me the difference between relative humidity and dew point.

I'm a nerd.  I like this kind of stuff.  Just the other day I floored my mechanic by starting in on series versus parallel circuits and the four stroke engine.

The things you gather over time.

Anyway, I went to where Jess suggested and read up on the topic.  Very interesting indeed.  Normally I would look at the humidity reading and think I'm kind of a wimp out there.  But today my run was all about 83 degrees and 55% humidity...but a 65 degree dew point.

And now I'm beginning to understand what "fucking unbearable" feels like.

Thanks, Jess.


Flatman said...

Flatman is here to serve and protect...

Flatman said...
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Wes said...

Jess has a way with words, and pertinent information :-)

Megan said...

How funny are we athletes that, during the winter we bitch about the cold, but then we get the summer and can't stand the heat and "dew point?" I have pretty much decided that, when it comes to running, I am a cold weather person. But when it comes to life, I am a hot weather person.

And thank goodness for treadmills.

Though I am pretty sure I just signed my death wish with that statement.