Tuesday, August 05, 2008

In an attempt to not be so darn negative

(a) I've lost weight.  Anywhere from 3-5 pounds, depending on whether you catch me before or after running in the sweatbox that is called outside. Baby freaking steps, people!  Plus, my abs hurt.  That has to be good, right?

(b) I'm going on vacation next week.  As in the entire week of next week.  I can't hardly wait.  I've already made my packing list.  It's three pages long.  This vacation is going to rock.

(c) I'm sandwiching my vaca with joy.  First, a 50 miler bike ride which conveeeniently is on the way to the beach (ahem, sorry...the shore) the first Saturday.  To top it off, my last day is a sprint tri that is very conveeeniently on my way home.  (Okay, kind of.)  In between, I tan.

(d) I'm still getting married in, like, 3 freaking months.  Oh good lord.

(e) Soon after the wedding, Facebook and I are going to have a love child.  Wait a second... .

(f) Coffee exists.  So does Tylenol PM.  Enough said.

(g) Did I mention I was going on vacation?  Oh.  Well, I am.


Kevin said...

Congrats on the weight loss. Enjoy your vacation

Sarah said...

Nice job on the workouts and the weight loss. Enjoy your vacation (and the workouts you've got planned before and after).

3 months? Woohoo!!

LBTEPA said...

Hey, it's taken me the whole year so far to lose 5kg - slow is the new fast, you know! Have a fun holiday :)

LZ said...

Congrats on all the positives! Enjoy vacation and getting tan!!!

Flatman said...

Yay for vacations!

Wes said...

You are gonna be one HAWT bride :-)

Alili said...

Hurray for vacations! And weddings...well, marriage is the best part of the wedding:)

Laura said...

Yay vacation! What fun! And I think in *our* area of the country it's the shore if you're in New Jersey, and the beach if you're in DE/MD. Just to clear that bit up for the readers who weren't privileged to have grown up in the tri state area... ;)

Megan said...

YAY! Congrats on all things positive, including the weight!

And seriously - how many posts have you done this week? Am I really so far behnd that I have missed like six of the them? Good grief I am losing my mind!