Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've got nothin'.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I have a long blog post in drafts about how I'm done blogging because my content has changed and I write a lot more about stupid stuff and less about anything meaningful and that leads me to believe that I need a change and that change is to stopping blogging.

And it's true -- that's how I feel. I haven't posted it, because I went from decided to ambiguous in under 30 seconds. And just like making decisions riding up hill, I also don't make decisions when ambiguous.

So instead I'll just write this silly little post about not having anything to write.

Aren't you glad you stopped by?

My attention is all over the place. Our wedding is rapidly approaching and there's a ton to get through. I continue to question my wedding dress choice, but thankfully not my groom. Our house is in the process of having random repairs done by a handyman who comes randomly (aka, whenever he likes) and looks like it might last longer than the countdown to Christmas. I still am unhappy in my job and looking for the right move to the corporate world of bonuses and meetings where people actually show and do work. I have a perpetual headache that I can't seem to throw enough pharmaceuticals at to convince it to go away quietly. My new (to me) car has been in the shop three times already and I've had it for only 1 month. I'm running out of money. Quickly. And my bitchin' tan from the vaca is sadly gone.

Decidedly not in that list of things is feeling inspired to write about training or life as it relates to training or life with a small side of training, no dressing.

So, I've got nothing to say. Which is quite a change for me. Usually I talk all the time. All the time. Mighty M says he doesn't worry much about a lifetime of this, since he plans on going deaf. Which would be a tasteless joke if it weren't for the fact that he, indeed, will go partially deaf at some point like every member of his family. The question is: how many years into the marriage will he start sitting next to loud speakers to speed the process up.

That's it, folks. It only took me 452 words to tell you that I have no words.

Typical Able.

It's going to be quiet around here. You might hear crickets. You might wonder if I'm ever coming back. And of course I will. But only when I actually feel like I have something to say.

At least something that makes better use out of 452 words.


John said...

For someone with nothing to say ou still got me to read the whole 452 words :-) Things will turn around eventually and everyone will be here waiting to greet your return.

Calyx Meredith said...

Ok - Well if you're not going to be around then how will I know how the wedding went? How will I find out about great cookbooks to use the herbs growing outside my window (not in cute boxes like at the Able household)? How will I even have a clue on where to start with my bike nutrition or fear of long hills? I understand waiting to blog until you have something to "say" - so this is not pressure! It's just that some of us really like hearing the stuff you might not think is worth saying anymore. (Rambly, off topic Able is better than no Able at all!!!) Wanted you to know!

Wes said...

eh! Don't sweat it. It's always good to hear from you, even if it takes 452 words to say you have nothing to say ;-)

Marcus Grimm said...

I've been blogging for nearly ten years... Along the way, I've taken many breaks for many reasons. And I eventually come back, also for many reasons.

What I *don't do* is announce my stopping with reasons for why I'm stopping.. simply because the reasons I inevitably come back are usually very different than the reasons why I leave.

And sometimes when I come back, the blog becomes very different, too. And I'm ok with that. In the late 90's, I had one of the first literary criticism blogs online. But when I didn't want to write that kind of stuff anymore, I just stopped. Now, I write about diabetes and distance running. I expect someday I'll stop writing about that, too.

All of which goes to say, a blog is nothing but an online diary and you wouldn't dream of feeling pressure to write in a diary, would you? If you want to write, write. If you don't want to, stop - and don't apologize or feel guilty or feel anything. Someday - when you want to or need to - you'll write. And then - like now - readers will appreciate it. :)


Donald said...

Yeah - I tried to retire from blogging once ... it didn't take.

Just do whatever you feel like. As your writing changes, your audience may change, but there's nothing wrong with that. Or you can walk away. I hear that works for some people, too.

TxTriSkatemom said...

breathe. slowly and deeply. again. breathe. there's a lot of little things being thrown at you and of course you're feeling out of whack and don't feel like writing about it all. it's called life. do what you can for the big stuff as best you can with what you've got. all the other stuff? no le hace (it don't matter, in my best native spanglish). and know that we'll be here when you get back.

I know that I, for one, ain't got nuthin' else to do! :)

Viv said...

Life happens and sometimes it just sets back blogging meaningfullness..I should now i am so there. Take care of you . I will keep it in reader in case you decided to pop back by :-)

Leah said...

Yeah, I totally hear you. Every week I decide I'm done blogging, that I'm sick of hearing myself talk about... what exactly? And then I'm back. I enjoy reading your blog even if you don't post all time and have "nothing" to say. :)

MtngirlinCali said...

This blog is for you-- we read because we like how you think.....the triathlon stuff is just icing on the cake. Speaking of which, when do we hear about the wedding details? Like, what flavors of cake? What are your colors? what flowers are you using? Um, inquiring minds of recent ex-brides would love to hear about that. After all, it IS the biggest thing in your life right now. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you live your life for yourself not as a pretext for a blog. Go out, get married, settle in and maybe after things return to normal (do they ever?) you'll come back and write. No worries, we'll still be here.

Sarah said...

Yes, I like what everyone else said. The wedding is enough to keep you occupied, much less anything else. I so remember that time in my life.

Get here when you can and we'll come along to read!

CoachLiz said...

Take time to get all of your stuff in order first.

My take on the constant headache is due to stress and you are carrying it all around in your shoulders which are creating trigger points that radiate the pain up to your skull. Drugs won't help it. Sleep does help but as you wake up and the stress of the day returns, the headache will come back.

Try some good neck stretches and a shoulder massage.