Monday, August 04, 2008

Ugh, poop

Well, I have only some poopy things to report on my Operations Guns progress.

Poopy Progress.

I didn't reach my goals last week. I feel kind of guilty about it. Well of course I do. I steered the ship right ashore on my first trip.

Can I get a do-over?

Here's the report.

Tues - Run (0:40) DONE
Wed - Functional strength routine (FSR) DONE, Bike (1:00)Missed (stormed)
Thur - Swim (2,200) Missed, Run (1:00) DONE (on Friday night)
Fri - FSR Missed
Sat - Brick (1:15 bike, 0:20 run)Missed
Sun - Swim (time trial)Missed, Run (1:30)Missed

See what I mean?


I did get a lot of important things done in lieu of training (it hurts me to even type that). I had a lovely dinner with M's best man, his wife and baby on Thursday. I farted around with getting a rack for my new(ish) car most of the day on Saturday. (Still unfinished. We're missing a part from an old system, so we need to get an Aero Foot now. I'm like a sieve for money.) And Sunday I cleaned the house from top to bottom since we're heading on vaca soon and will be gone for a week. And reorganized the basement, built a shelf system and stored all the wedding stuff we've been accumulating. (100+ votive holders take up a lot of room!)

Entirely unpersuasive, I know.

It's Monday. A new week. Clean slate.

This week's plan is in the margin. Time to stop with the excuses.


Alili said...

Do-overs are totally appropriate.

Wes said...

next time, instead of:

Bike (1:00)Missed (stormed)

let's see:

Bike (1:00)Trainer(stormed)

You showed some great fortitude over the winter. Don't lose the feeling...

no excuses :-)

Erin said...

I second Wes's comment, but in addition, I think you made some great attempts. Sometimes you just need to live life a bit. Cleaning the house? Reorganizing the basement? These things need to get done. And soon enough, they'll all be done, and your life will return to normal, and you'll have more than enough time to train.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...quit feeling guilty. You trained hella hard last year, because that was what last year was about. This year is about getting married and all the wonderful things that go with it. You should still keep on top of training, yes, but it doesn't have to be THE priority every day of every week of every month. Be nice to you :)

Benson said...

OK now Kick it!

LoveOfShoes said...

Thanks for the recs! I did look into some of the races you mentioned, and a few are options with my work travels in September.

I guess I'm trying to find a 'perfect' fit where I dont have to shell out TOO much for a rental car, hotel, etc....but it just isn't happening!!

LBTEPA said...

I'm torn between saying, don't worry darl, you'll be ok, these things happen and COME ON! JUST DO IT! That's what 5am was invented for! (do as I say, not as I do, BTW)
You pick which one you'd like :)

Kevin said...

Whats done is done. All you can do is try this week to get out there and git er done, even if it means riding the trainer

Megan said...

I saw the word "poop" and dropped my Reeces Pieces to immediately start reading.

But alas, there was nothing actually poop related in here, minus a "fart" reference, but not even in regards to an actual real fart.

You should be ashamed.

Call me when you want to talk REAL turd.