Friday, August 08, 2008


Well,'s almost vacation time. A week of sun and surf at the Jersey shore. Me, Mighty M and my wonderful inlaws. Ocean swimming, flat beach highways, and early morning runs with my beebie. Sandcastles, summer books, and lots of sunscreen. I finally got my Thule rack on the new car (it only took me 3 days...a record, I believe) and we're hitting Kmart at lunch for chairs, towels, and trashy novels.

I. Can't. Wait.

I'm going to be unplugged -- no email, no google reader, no facebook -- for like 10 days. I'm sure to start twitching from withdrawal in two. But I have a 50 miler ride tomorrow and a sprint race next Sunday to distract me.

So, to my favorite bloggy friends, I shall see you on the other side. I promise to take pics.


Brent Buckner said...

Unplugged for 10 days?
That's just crazy talk!

Ah well, to each their own - enjoy yours!

momo said...

have a wonderful vacation!!!

LBTEPA said...

Have a great time!
BTW either pose for your photos, refuse to be in them or decide you won't care :P
Bring on the waves!

kt said...

OMG! I AM SO JEALOUS. Have a wonderful, unplugged time.

Kevin said...

Enjoy your vacation

Steve Stenzel said...


MAJ said...

Jealous. Can't see straight.