Sunday, June 24, 2007

Days 79, 78 & 77

Sunday, Day 77

Brick Bike: 52 miles, French Creek Iron, 5+ hours

Thoughts:  This ride kicked my butt for various reasons.  I'll go into them when I'm a bit fresher, but today was a day of hills and empty legs, no doubt related to my ill advised late night run last night.  I left disappointed, but at the end of the day, I did do a route that had 4000 feet of climbing, successfully used ecaps for the first time, and completed a brick transition.  I give it a B- grade, although the words "grade" and "hill" are on my short list of things that might make me spontaneously puke right now.

Brick Run: 1.6 miles, 20 minutes

Thoughts: Not breaking any land-speed records, but the legs made the transition flawlessly.  No awkward gait, no pain and felt good.  A nice confidence boost at the end of a disappointing day.


Saturday, Day 78

Run: 10 miles, 2 hours

Thoughts:  I started this run after 8, the night before a long ride.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  But, at the time it was really excellent.  I took a familiar route, saw lots of families and soaked in the great weather we're having.  But for the huge drain it took out of my legs for Sunday, it was a good thing.


Friday, Day 79


Thoughts:  Cleaned the bike, got the aero's set up for Sunday's ride, and spent some truly necessary time with Mighty M.  We haven't had much time alone recently and he got some really great career news this week.  We celebrated as we know best: tasty steaks on the grill, sweet potato oven "fries," salad, and fizzy.  Watched a movie and called it an early night.  I'm very proud of him, my Mighty M.

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