Monday, June 04, 2007

97 Days

Monday, Day 97

Bike: 21.13 miles

Time: 1:28

Avg: 14.8 mph

Route: Rt. 322/Honeybrook

Weather: 78* and slightly overcast -- very pleasant

Thoughts: There's something special about passing Amish buggies being driven by girls wearing bonnets when the air is thick with honeysuckle. It wasn't as fast of a ride as I'd hoped, but I continue to get stronger on these hills. Sometimes I bemoan the fact that I can't seem to find a route WITHOUT hills -- making speed intervals possible, or anything
other than hill training possible -- but it is always nice to see my ability to manage them improve.

Technical: I'm having some concerns about my cassette and chain rings. It seized up on this weekend's ride, requiring me to perform some roadside maintenance. Tonight it was crunching through the gears again. Time to stop in at Andy's to get some insight.

1 comment:

TriShannon said...

Oh how I know the yearning for a flat ride, but hey... the hills make us stronger!

I just realized the other day we had 100 days left and started my own (in my head) daily count down. Funny that you are doing the count down to.

Cannot wait to meet you in Madison!