Wednesday, June 06, 2007

96 Days

Tuesday, Day 96

Training: None, Zero, Zip, Zilch

Thoughts: Things just weren't on my side today! First, I forgot my skivvies and had to skip my morning swim to come home, leaving no time for a plan B.

Then, turns out that the drama with these local boys came to a head yesterday. The moment I pulled into the driveway -- with t-minus exactly 53 minutes to change and get my butt out for a run before dinner plans arrived -- I realized it just wasn't going to happen. There was a crisis with our neighbor's that I needed to go over with her and she was positioned directly between me and my run. By the time I turned the key in the lock, it was 9 minutes until Dad was to arrive and I'm still in work clothes.

Just. Not. Winning. Today.

But, Wednesday morning has an open slot where the run can go and I'll have to find time to make up the swim if possible. If this is tri-life imitating art, then it's
Pollock at his best!


Mallie said...

Sorry you're having so many issues with neighbors and local hooligans. I'm going to send some "worry" free day vibes your way so you can get caught up!

SkiRough said...

Hope you got everything resolved with the neighbors.

Nice Pollock shout out! He is showing at MOMA right now.

Benson said...

crisis will always pass. you're being creative, that's good, with your time and favor bestows the creative ones. HIHO! (Hook In and Hold On).

JenC said...

This is why I don't know my neighbors. I hope you got the issue resolved with her and with the hooligans. Good luck tomorrow!

Tony said...

With your consistency in the past, a day of mishaps here and there should be no problem.