Saturday, June 09, 2007

Day 94, 93 & 92

Because tasks and responsibilities have kept me from the computer, here is an update en mass. Enjoy!

Thursday, Day 94

Run: (am) 3.1 miles, 40 minutes

Thoughts: The pretty typical morning run, which is alright by me. Nice and sleazy. PM session was preempted by a late night at work, which was to be expected -- big event on Friday evening.

Friday, Day 93


Thoughts: Work took precedent today -- the typical m.o. when there is an event in order. Early in, late out and no personal time during the day. Good news? The event was a success. This time an Open House for my agency that was enjoyed and enjoyable.

Saturday, Day 92

Swim: 2000 meters, 40 minutes

Thoughts: Two sets of 1000. The task at hand was actually three sets, but developed an awful migraine and nausea during last 200. Stayed pretty unbearable for the next few hours, until a good dose of meds and a dark room did the trick. Siren, I thought of you this morning and can't imagine how these weeks have been for you. All I wanted to do was curl into a ball. Hang in there, sweetie! Great news is that I was able to keep my plans for Baby Jessica's birthday party and really enjoyed the time there with Mighty M's extended family.

Run: 8 miles, 1:30

Thoughts: Solid run. Went out with the intention of taking it a little slower than usual, since long session. Feet were sore, but I think that was due to my choice of shoes to scamper around in this afternoon. Another big day tomorrow should make up for the time off of training due to work and neighbors this week. No time for dawdling, especially with the Mountaineer on the horizon!


Spokane Al said...

No time for dawdling - that would be a great IM training motto.

JohnnyTri said...

Consistency is key and it looks like your getting it done, great job.

see ya next update.


Tony said...

2000 meters in 40 min, I wish I could move like that in the water.

It looks like you are very consistent with your workouts even when your time is squeezed by lifes obligations.

Great job on your training, and thanks for your advice, no cramp tonight!

Mallie said...

Way to stick it out with a busy work week and a not so nice migraine. That's the determination and grit that will see you through.