Saturday, June 02, 2007

99 Days

Today on my ride, I made a decision.

Alright, I actually made many decisions -- some as simple as when to stop to hydrate my sweaty head, and some a little more complex. Thankfully, I have evolved.

So, today is rather memorable, or at least it will be upon looking back. Ninety-nine days left until THE day. That's pretty powerful, even without hyping it up.

Ninety-nine days.

Wow. Lots to do and lots done. Many miles left to literally travel and many milestones hit and memorialized.

How very fun.

I celebrated the day with a 45 mile, exceedingly hot and sweaty, but also surprisingly strong ride through southern PA and northern DE. It was intended to be 75 miles, but I was in a race with the sun and knew who was going to win. So, 45 miles it was.

Oh, my decision. Yes, right.

You may have noticed that a few weeks back I pulled my Training Peaks link from the sidebar. It was mainly because I was being a little less than rigid with entering all my sessions and it was time for something a bit more -- how you say -- inmyface. Currently, there is a 2' x 3' foam board in my living room (yes, Mighty M is very patient) that tracks my training. I don't know why I needed to see it like this, in permanent marker and all gridded out, but I did. And it gives me what I need now. Private responsibility with a dash of pen and ink panic.

An excellent tool.

But, there's also the public portion of this and I really believe that I do my best when I balance both. Never too much of either, never one without the other. So, I thought it might be fun to post each day -- all 99 of them -- my training activities. I don't promise anything special, but I've always enjoyed seeing what others are doing and following along. Maybe some who visit will feel the same about my journey.

Now, don't expect great prose and insight each day. I just don't have all that much insightful to say. But it'll be my little exercise in sharing. Like "what I did this summer" type-o sharing.

And, without further adieu,

Saturday, Day 99

Bike: 45 miles, 3:30 hours

Route: WC to Greenville DE to Kennett Square to Chadds Ford to WC

Conditions: Hot (91*F, 75% plus humidity) and sticky

Thoughts: Plan was to do better with managing my hydration under these conditions than last weekend, when I bonked at mile 20 and hurt the whole way home. Did significantly better this time -- approx 60 oz fluid per 90 minutes. Much better at managing effort, especially not going out too hot.


Cheaper Than Therapy said...

Excellent. I can't wait to read.

There's something undeniable about the public accountability of knowing that people will be looking for your workouts every day - even moreso than just allowing people to see your TrainingPeaks. You're a brave soul :)

LBTEPA said...

I understand about the pen-and-ink grid idea - when I have a big goal I love to cross off the training sessions one by one in red texta - and I HATE to miss one bacuase it leaves a gap!
99 days, how exciting - does it seem 'real' yet?

Duane said...

99 days - wow! IM Moo, how cool is that! I will be tracking your workouts and progress!

momo said...

i think this is great, i know when i read other's logs, it helps me to put my own training into perspective.

can't wait to go on this journey with you!! the next 99 days are going to fly, be ready for it, but enjoy every minute!