Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You're in so much trouble

Tonight, after my lovely swim at el Y'o, I headed home for an iddy biddy run.  And somewhere in my moaning about having to actually do it (as opposed to simply moan about it), Mighty M said something about a surprise dinner.

He just got a mid-year bonus.

Booyah.  Run officially moved to tomorrow morning.

So 20 minutes later, I'm sitting in my first evah Vietnamese noodle house.

And I have only one thing to say...

If it was 
job to tell me how 
freaking delicious 
this stuff was, you 

TOTALLY dropped the ball.

Incidentally?  You're in


I have 34 years of noodle soup eating to make up for.  

Step back folks.  This might get messy.


Andra Sue said...

I don't know if you read my blog or not, but I might add that I have done many a post where I have mentioned the deliciousness of Pho or Bun Gha Zhao. Vietnamese is my fav. I eat it at least once a week! :)

E.L.F. said...

OH MY GOSH. Did you have "pho"? BEST STUFF EVER. Had my first introduction in Seattle, fell in love with pho and have been looking for it again ever since. Happy noodling.

Flatman said...

Mmmm...I definitely need to try this out. I have never had vietnamese either!

MAJ said...


It was my fault.

I <3 Vietnamese noodle houses. I just took Sherpa to one too . . . . We have a little one downtown called Pho 88. BEST STUFF EVAR. It's so simple but so tasty.

Alyson said... my foodie role-model I am stunned that this was your first pho experience but so happy that you've found the bliss that IS noodle soup. Cold, hot, spicy...doesn't matter. Bring on the bowl and the chopsticks. :)