Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Eagleman, and how to find me (or, at least my legs)

I'm convinced this is the most egotastic post I've put up on the blog so far. (That is, of course, taking into account that the blog is by its very definition a hugely egotastic endeavor.)

But, if for any reason you'd be interested in me marking you in nice pretty numbers and letters (and, yes, they DID give us a sheet of guidelines!) for your Eagleman race, I will be happy to oblige.

Armed with a sharpie, I'll be with the other dozen or so volunteers wearing the volunteer garb and our comfiest of comfy shoes. (It's going to be a long day, after all.)

BUT, unlike my fellow volunteers, I'll have "IM" emblazoned on my left calf and "ABLE" emblazoned on my right calf.

And yes, I realize how difficult this is going to be to explain when I wear a skirt to work next week and it's still there.
So watch for my gams and come and introduce yourself. M'kay? And if you're there and feeling nauseas with nerves and anti-social with your game face on and not in the mood to be meeting and greeting? Totally cool, too. Just promise to race a good race and be safe out there.

AND, if you have any plans on finishing in lightening speeds (ahem, Liz, this means you), I'll also be at the finish line from 10 - 12. So for all you fasties out there, can't wait to make sure you (a) don't need a medic, and (b) don't walk off with your chip.

So, see everyone there and someone, please, BRING COFFEE!


Wes said...

Have fun :-) You are a true tri-geekess!!!

Flatman said...

Have a blast!

Sarah said...

Oh, that's awesome!! I can never pick people out in a crowd and I always wonder who I 'know' from online.

Have a blast!!

Andrea said...

You are going to have soooo much fun.



21stCenturyMom said...

You know that Kona Shelly is going, too, right?

Have a great race!

Stef said...

Woot! Have a blast!

Tri-Bob said...

TriBob will be there and will find you, hopefully...a good NJ/PA contingency will be racing, including members of Team Triumph from south Jersey.

Several bloggers will be meeting at the Hyatt at 5 PM Saturday...maybe meet up with us?

Danni said...

Have fun Jayme!!!!!
I wish I could be there!

Nancy Toby said...

Coffee!? It will be like 2000 degrees and you want coffee!!??

I'll have drunk my whole supply by 4AM, alas... hope to see you there!!

Alili said...

Ooh, give the ELF a big hug for me:)

triguyjt said...

make sure you draw a few, stray caricatures on someones calf..

spice it up...have fun

the crazy jogger said...

have fun :D

The Wrench said...

Excuse me but I could not find you at the body marking :((