Friday, June 27, 2008

(Lack of) Training Update


...'s been an interesting week full of all things unexpected. Last week, Michael's grandmother (Nana), whom I love dearly for her quiet spunk, was feeling funny and then feeling bad and then in the hospital for one thing and then they found other things and let's just say it's been a very challenging week for her. And her family. Every time we think one thing is solved, another is discovered. We just don't know what to expect when the phone rings anymore.

But, even after an emergency surgery late yesterday that even the surgeon admitted was not high on his list of predicted successes, Nana was pushing strong in the recovery room, lucid and alert. She amazes me. Every moment.

So much of our week has been driving to and from the hospital, about an hour away, to see her and spend time together. What it hasn't been spent doing is (a) cleaning our house, (b) watering our plants, (c) doing laundry, or (d) training.

No regrets, mind you. This is so not a complaint.

But it is a reality to manage. I haven't been at the pool, on the bike, or run for a week. Exactly 2-weeks out from an Oly is not a good time to go cold-turkey. Hopefully this weekend will bring some good training sessions. I need that. My sleep is all messed up, my face is breaking out from the weird cafeteria foods, and I'm getting squishy. Yes, squishy. Around my hips.

My sentiments exactly...gross.


Wes said...

Squishy? Hmmmmm....

Hope you find some time on the weekend :-) Long days are most important!!

Keeping Nana in my thoughts and prayers!!

MAJ said...

Nana is the kind of woman that makes you absolutely grateful to be alive and completely adjusts your perspective.

I'm with ya on the (lack of) training too. I've done 4 out of 7scheduled workouts this week with a race on Sunday. BLACH!

I hope she gets better very soon.

Sarah said...

I'll be thinking 'bout you guys and Nana. Hooray for pushing right through. Go Nana!!

I totally get the squishy thing. I stop training for a week and it all goes to hell.

LBTEPA said...

you say you have no time to clean your house as though it's a bad thing? (joking)
Hope you find time to un-squish soon!
Best wishes to your Nana for strength and recovery. These times are so hard.

Stef said...

I hope Nana gets better soon. These situations are inevitably draining. Be nice to yourself. :-)