Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Diamond in the Rough: Prep Time & Goals

Next race up? Diamond in the Rough.

1 mile swim/27 mile bike/5 mile run

This one is an olympic distance in Perryville, MD, hosted by the Piranha group who so very patiently waited for me to finish the Devilman half...in like a bazillion hours. Love them.

Of note about the race is that it's a hilly course with some technical turns and no-pass areas. The swim is at a river/bay junction and will be in the direction of the current, which is always a bonus. The run is an out and back.

I had to think real hard to remember the last time I did an olympic distance and finally remembered the Lancaster Triathlon in 2006. Wow, that was a long time ago, huh. Here were the results then...

Olympic Triathlon (03:07:55)

1000M swim (18:35)(1:51/100)

23.7m bike (1:45:44)(13.45 avg)

5.7m run (1:03:36)(11:09 pace)

Not bad, actually! I think I can improve on these this year to a certain degree. I'm thinking my swim will be close, although likely more around a 1:55/100 average as the distance is longer (1 mile). I'm considering skipping my wetsuit (it's having major zipper issues) which will keep my times closer to pool times than race times. My run will likely be in the same realm, although I'm hoping to get through without any (too much) pain. It's the ride that I think will seriously improve. I'm a better cyclist today.

I'm hoping for this...

SWIM: 30 minutes = 1:51/100
Ambitious, for sure. But so am I.

BIKE: 1:30 = 18 mph average speed
Again, ambitious. Very ambitious. But Saturday I did 25 miles at 16.6 average on rolling hills in crazy heat. And I wasn't racing. I can nail something like that under race conditions, I'm sure.

RUN: 1:00 = 12 min miles
The unknown. Expecting 12 minute miles is probably reasonable, but the pain factor could change things. No pain? I think I could do 55 minutes for this. Pain? Could be a deathmarch home. I never know.


So, the next month will be a busy one keeping up with this level of fitness and really honing in on these distances. A couple of 1 mile time trials in the pool with sighting. A few more visits to the hillier routes to really get my gearing strategy and legs ready for eating through any hills on the course. And more bricks than I have been doing -- I've been woefully short on bricks.

The plan...

...I won't bore you with my daily routine for this one, but generally speaking I'm doing 3/3/4 and some core. Three swims a week (gots to gets me to daz pool), three rides (one short, one hills, one long with hills plus a run), and four runs (one short, one medium, one itty bitty, one long).

I'm not going to make myself crazy with this schedule, but I'm going to have spectators this time (my inlaws are coming down for the festivities) so I don't want to (a) puke (too much), (b) bonk on the bike, or (c) be unprepared for the run. I have intentions of crossing that finish line strong for all the lovely people who want to spend their morning watching me race.

Ok. Enough from me. I have things to do...like train or somethin' like that...


Kim said...

fantastic goals little lady!!!! i believe in you!

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck!!!

Not to be "that jerk," but all that added up is 3:10, not 2:10. Or am I missing something... I AM slow sometimes...


TrainingtoTri said...

Good luck!!!

Lesser is More said...

Diamond in the Rough is a great local race. I did it last year. The bike was definitely rolling, with one long climb around mile 20. If you want more details of the race, here is my race report:


Just enjoy the shorter distance and don't forget to smile for the camera and family!

LBTEPA said...

You just sound so happy - except for the wedding stuff. I'm sorry you feel lonely ((hugs)) If I lived nearer you I'd help you, I love weddings, especially wonderful romantic ones like yours!

Mallie said...

Here's to meeting and exceeding those goals!

Erin said...

Yeah you! It's so great to have a race on the horizon, no? You'll do great. Oh, and you've been tagged over in my little corner o'the bloggosphere :)

Elizabeth Phillips--Henry's Mom said...

You are my workout Idol. I work out to get time away from Mommydom while H is in the nursery. Oh, and what defines an "itty bitty" run?