Sunday, June 22, 2008

Need your help...


Okay...completely off topic.


I have a situation I've found myself in where I have an extra (cough) wedding dress.

Seriously.  I kid you not.

Long story.  I'm constantly being regaled about it.  Trust me -- the humor has NOT been lost!

But now I have an eager potential buyer for the unworn, brand new dress.  She's a bridal salon owner in California and needs it for one of her brides, being married on the weekend of July 4th.  Eak for her!

I haven't spoken to her yet, but my research online has shown that she's a very shrewd shop owner and can I put this delicately? very driven by the dollar.  

If I decide to sell the dress to her, here's my question...


Do I use paypal?  Do I require payment first?  (I fear that if I wait for payment upon receipt, I may not get it and be out both payment and dress.)

New territory for me and I can't find any good resources online.

Maybe I should just list it as an item through EBay (informing her of the sale posting) and use the protection afforded through their agreements.  I'm leaning towards this option now.

What do you guys think?  Your experiences?

(okay...seriously, you can stop laughing about the second dress's funny, i know.  but really)


LBTEPA said...

ask for a direct deposit into your account - when the money's there, you'll ship the dress.
I'm AGOG as to how this came about...

Laurie said...

PayPal. Require payment before shipment, simple as that.

EBay takes a cut of the final price so avoid that if you can. They also charge a listing fee.

Comm's said...

No sendy until cleary.

Depending on the cost, if its several thousand dollars, I hope you listed a partial down of a couple hundred and then full payment in a few more days. Otherwise full payment in the bank before shipment. Wait for checks to clear. Paypal is good. Money order or cashier also very good.

MAJ said...

PayPal. Send after payment. If she was local, I'd say collect cash first, but since that's not an option, PayPal.

Flatman said...

Payment in full by paypal before shipping.

Don't use ebay becuase you will have to pay all those pesky listing fees...