Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back in the saddle

Got 2:00 bike in today, although I was hoping for a little longer.  The heat was BRUTAL out there and totally tapped my legs.  I knew on the first hill going out of town that it was going to suck.

And it did, but in a really excellent way.  Each and every hill was like dragging an ape up the side of the road.  But for every ride in the rain or humidity or afternoon heat, all I think about is...if this happens on race day, I totally know what to do.

Incidentally, the Swedish fish failed.  Too hard to chew and didn't digest all that well.  And for 150 calories, I need to jam 25 of those little guys in my mouth.  While riding.  In aero.  Chaaallenging.  And between the Gatorade and fish, I was all cotton mouthed with Red Dye #5.  

I have to get out to Performance to restock on Cliff Bloks.  And start stalking the Acme's for some Accelerade stocks.  

Time to shower and head down to the hospital.  Thanks for all of your good wishes for Nana -- she's doing well in recovery!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, chewy things while riding are tough! :) But, I liked the idea! Glad your Nana is doing better...speedy wishes for her! Jen H.

LoveOfShoes said...

If you're looking to mix it up from Cliff blocks- I tried Luna Moons this morning for the first time and liked them.

This also may sound nasty, but I also eat dates when I ride- natural carbs and sugar. Some hate them, some love them. I cut them up in pieces.

Alili said...

Hmmm, swedish fish? I think I would have gone into sugar shock. Although I do have a big bucket of sour patch kids for after my long ride tomorrow!

Way to get back in that saddle:)

Tea said...

I also LOVE luna moons. Also, I pack mini nutter butters and snyders pretzel sandwhiches. (They come in peanut butter or cheese).

Good job getting in the bike. Hills are NEVER easy and the heat makes them that much harder.

LBTEPA said...

I have no idea what those things are but quite frankly they sound foul! More excited by the mysterious luna moons everyone over there is raving about..
but enough about me
Yay for you!
So pleased to hear your Nana is recovering

IronTRISH said...

Glad to hear Nana is doing better. Working out always keeps me sane during tough times, and it sounds like the bike ride helped you in more ways than just figuring out nutrition. I like Sport Beans by Jelly Belly. Tastes like candy and easy to eat.

Trihardist said...

You can tell to send you a new supply of Clif Shot Bloks every 1, 2, 3, or 4 months. You'll never run out, and you get a discount plus free shipping for doing it that way.

And be sure you get blue Accelerade. Red Accelerade tastes like barf!

Very excited to try some Luna Moons, now.

Brent Buckner said...

Nice good news update!

Viv said...

Great on the 2hr ride. It is hard to get workouts in when things are going on. I hope your Nana continues on a speedy recovery.

Trishie said...

Hey -- I found your blog through Monica's (and JT's) --- I'm thinking of doing the Diamond in the Rough Olympic. Have you done it before? What do you think? (I live in Baltimore so it's kind of a drive for me but not too horrible).