Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Week in Review

With all of the excitement about the new website (what? you haven't been to the new website?! for shame...go there now...I'll wait), I forgot to do a week in review!

So, here goes it.

First: the numbers...

Actual Hours: 7:30 Planned Hours: 8:00 Swim: 1750 Bike: 65.8 Run: 14.89 Strength: 0:30 m

Last week was prep week two and IT FELT GREAT!! I was a little disappointed in my first week -- missing some sessions and being off the projected time. So, I was really pushing to get through the workouts and not push them off unless I had to. As always, I learned many things...

1) Strength training is STILL my weakest commitment. I know that I need this to improve power. I know that I need this to help support my knees and other joints, protecting me from injury. And I know that the AA stage is crucial. If I don't do this now, then I'm asking my body to do too much in the later months reserved for things like getting speedy. Now is the time. Carpe weightum...or something like that.*

2) Trying to run in Zone 1 is nearly impossible. Zone 2 should be reserved for inside, out of sight of neighbors or other friendly runners. Lock the doors, pull the shades, it's time for a recovery run. Backwards.

3) Heart rate zones. Gadgets are fun. Learning to use them is funner. I'm slowly starting to get some good readings from various runs to hone in on my true run and bike zones. I have a couple of sessions set up this week to help me -- a 1000 meter TT to find my average 100, a 30 minute moderate run to find my LT heart rate (according to Big Papa Joe), and a 30 minute ride (again under the tutelage of Big Papa Joe).

4) Missing a workout sucks. I'm almost more motivated to get through all the ones scheduled for one day just so I don't have to go through the trouble of figuring out when to do them later in the week. This week -- watch out planned hours! I've got YOU in my radar!

5) My fancy new knee brace has been a life saver. Just what I needed. I've had minimal (really...like almost none!) pain and been able to do 1:30 on the bike after 1:15 run with no problemo. Kudos for whoever thought this thing up! (Btw, I've been wearing it above my knee, not below, like in the picture.)


6) Finishing a strong workout makes me feel like a stud. Finishing a strong workout with intervals makes me feel like a super stud.

That's all from here. Now go check out the new website!!!

* As I type this, I'm pleased to say that I've already knocked off one session this week. I'm certainly sorer for the effort, but good grief it felt great! One more to go and that goal is accomplished.


JohnnyTri said...

dats right your a Super Stud!! keep up the great work and stay with those workouts!
love the new site as well!!


TriShannon said...

"Trying to run in Zone 1 is nearly impossible." Totally agree!

Great job in week 2!!

Steve S. said...

Missing a workout DOES suck.

Is #5 the knee band you were telling me about?

Thanks for the comments!!

Steve S. said...

p.s. See you out in WI in Sept!!

Pharmie said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my site! Congrats on a week full of accomplishments. Just be careful about trying to fit in a workout you missed, especially when your training gets heavier. Missing a workout here or there (as long as it's not a major one) won't really hurt you in the long run. Trying to cram extras in at the end of the week may do more harm than good. Just my unsolicited advice :)

mishele k said...

Nice week! Keep up the good work!

ClareUK said...

Nice training!

Cheaper Than Therapy said...

I've just started HR training as well, and I TOTALLY agree with your assessment of Zone 1 and 2. Who knew an easy run could take so much effort? :)

LBTEPA said...


Trevor Oseen said...

Is that your fuzzy leg in the picture? : )