Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Drill(ing a massive hole in my head)

Last year, my triathlon season was ALL ABOUT FUN.

Fun little 1000 meter jaunts in the pool. (How cool am I? Can you believe I just did that?) Long bikes out to Lancaster and back, through pretty farm country and at my own pace. (Those first hills are hard...good thing they're not all the way...) And a slow, but sure, gradual increase in my jog. (Yes, my jogs.)

Ah, yes. Triathlon bliss.


Enter Ironman Year...stage left.

(blink, blink)

I totally expected the volume increase. I TOTALLY got that. I even expected the higher frequency of sessions -- two sessions a day? Bring. It. On.

But I didn't expect the drills.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Last night, I had two drill sets for the bike. Okey, dokey folks. No problemo. Just hop up there and get my game on. And I did for the first one...I made it through just fine, but good grief was a sweating. Oh. Yeah. Pounding away like my run intervals...feeling a tad bit studly. So this is what they were talking about! Alright, I can do this.

So, time for a little one-legged spinning. Yup, I'll just unclip this one here...and, um...okay, there...I can balance it right up, yup, right there. Okay, round and


Um, it seems that I CAN'T SEEM TO GET MY LEFT LEG UP AND OVER ONE LOUSY CYCLE!! No. It can't possibly be this hard. I can't possibly be this weak. No way, Jose. I must be doing it wrong.

(Um, how could I be doing it wrong? Come on, bonehead. You turn the pedal in a circle. A circle. Come on...try it again.)

So I grunted and groaned. Sounds came out of me that were NOT HUMAN. I finally realized why they sell sweat guards for your trainer. My hands started cramping because I was gripping the aero pads for dear life. And I cussed. Cussed like a trucker. Cussed like a trucker who got six flats in the middle of a snowstorm in a cell-free zone.

I herked and I jerked. I slowly started to find a rhythm (nowhere NEAR the true definition of rhythm). I focused and watched my way through each stroke until I had some semblance of a cadence.

And I did 20 minutes of 30 counts left, 30 counts right, 30 counts left, 30 counts right.

And. So. On.


People, I'm cool with admitting limitations. I bring self deprecation to an art form. I don't even take compliments all that well.

But I hate not being able to do something.

And now I'm pissed.

I'm pissed at drills. I'm pissed and they should know to WATCH THE ** OUT. I've got your number, you bastards. I'm going to take you to task ever single chance I get. I'm going to intervals and closed fist drills and one-legged spins and step ups until you bleed or I fall down...which ever comes first.

I've got your number.
I'm coming


IM Able said...

Sorry, guys, for the 3 posts deleted down to one. Blogger did NOT like my formating for the first few tries!

mishele k said...

Don't worry, they get easier as you get awesomer. Not that you have too much room to get any more awesome...

Remember, it'll all pay off in September. Actually before that-- on every long ride this summer. Just grit your teeth and get it done.

Bolder said...

i think next drill session requires video...

i want to validate the gruntin' and a cussin'...

keep at it. no one said it would be easy!!!

TxSkatemom said...

you are a rock star! You know, "normal" people would have given up -- or not even started.

You are going to be incredible come IM race day, and I'll be sitting at home watching you cross the line on the interweb, yelling, "WATCH THE #@# OUT! here she comes!!"

ironjenny said...

Like Bolder said, "They didn't say it would be easy, they said it would be worth it".
You're doing great... we've all got your back and are rooting for you... I and two dozen other tribloggers will physically BE THERE for you in Wisconsin. Bring on the Bleepin' Drills!!

Donald said...

For what it's worth, I've NEVER done any drills in any discipline. I figure that when you do enough miles and meters, your form naturally becomes more efficient. Don't overthink things, just put in the time.

A lot of people will probably disagree with me.

Spokane Al said...

Congratulations on your drills. They can definitely be humbling but I believe they make one stronger. And those one legged drills will get easier - although I am still making those grunts and groans that you mentioned.

Duane said...

You the man! (er I mean Woman!) So looking forward to seeing you kicj but this year! No more fun, get serious (just kidding).

JohnnyTri said...

yikes~~ Cussed like a trucker who got six flats in the middle of a snowstorm in a cell-free zone~~

thats so awesome!! you were really pissed!! but I'm so proud you hung in there and got it done!! gReat job..

as txskatemom said ..You are a Rockstar!!

TriJack said...

Keep up the sass; it take you a LONG way toward finishing 140.6...

momo said...

they do get easier, i swear! i'm still not great at them, but at least it looks a little like spinning now. well, i hope it does.

Jeremy said...

Harness that aggression over the next few months and you will really rock at IMMOO. Keep up the great work!

LBTEPA said...

I think you should print this post and stick it up near your trainer!
(I also think you're wonderful, but in a non-creepy way) :)

Siren said...

Thanks for the laugh - and the preview of things to come. I've been debating trying these myself : )

Anonymous said...

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