Monday, January 08, 2007

Local Yocals Swimming with the Sharks

This is really for the local yocals from Philadelphia/NJ/NY. The Sandy Hookers Triathlon Club puts on the Long Branch Sprint Triathlon Series each year. I haven't had the chance to get out there for it yet, but I'm planning on doing just that a couple of times this year.

I've heard good stuff about the series and the race managment. Plus, it's a GREAT way to get in open water ocean swims for a tiny fee. And, comm'on. We *all* need to practice our open water swimming.

The race dates are July 1, July 29, Sept 2, and Sept 30. If you can't drive there, consider taking the train -- the race site is apparently 1 mile from the Long Branch Train Station.

If you know of any regular open water swims (ocean or otherwise) definitely let me know. The more swim time out of the pool, the better!



LBTEPA said...

what a beautiful picture - and the tri sounds great fun :) You go girl!

ironjenny said...

I'm sure we could auger out another hole in Lake Minnetonka... should I look into that for ya!?
Have fun -

Donald said...

The name of that tri club sounds like it would be, um ... something else. They sound like fun, though.