Monday, January 15, 2007

Is it lunch time yet?

Okay, so I'm at work and posting since it's lunch. But, frankly, in my's always lunch. Or dinner. Occasionally Linner. Often Brunch. More frequently Breakfast.

I apparently have a tapeworm.

In fact, I was flipping through the channels last night (ridiculously late, which is a completely different post...specifically my inability to sleep on nights when I should be crazy tired, to the point of fall down exhaustion, but watch bad tv endlessly to no avail...but I digress...) and saw a show about medical parasites. This guy had picked up a tapeworm. Possibly at a tapeworm store. I don't know. He didn't mention that part.

Anyway, he had literally found the end of this said worm and started pulling. A lot. Apparently he picked it up a while ago. He kept pulling and pulling until it wouldn't go anymore, then his (VERY LOVING AND UNDERSTANDING) wife snipped it with scissors.


Double ew.

Recently, though, I think I managed to pick up one of these unlikely guests because I am clearly hungrier than the average hippo. Could it be the extra time training? Maybe. I think it's a guest worm. A guest worm who, I've affectionately named TYR. I think it may be appropriate.

But, TYR doesn't seem to mind my training schedule and I don't mind craving almonds at 11:30 at night. As long as he doesn't start bouncing rent checks, I'm happy he's here. Bring on the pasta, baby.


Flatman said...

Ewww... I am afraid to ask more details of the show...


JohnnyTri said...

Now I thought I had the guest worm.
The weight training will increase your metabolism which in turn burns more calories and makes you more hungry. Anyway, I have the same problem. I try not to eat after 8pm but if I find myself watching the same tv show u are around 11pm I'm hungry again!!!

Duane said...

Yuck! Have you ever had your RMR tested? I was surprised mine was so high (3560), but I was working out 9-10 times a week. I love your previous post, I have been wrestling with myself getting out of bed with all this snow and the temp below zero. But I made it to the pool this morning and am glad now!

Porscha said...

I'm ALWAYS hungry but I suspect its due to my meds and working out. Now on top of it I have my PT. Good grief. I don't even want to begin to share my grocery bill.

LBTEPA said...

Oh mate I am SO with you - always alsways hungry and trying to eat something that will fuel me not just fill me... so complicated..

mishele k said...

That was hilarious.

And gross. My kinda post. :)

TxSkatemom said...

"He kept pulling and pulling until it wouldn't go anymore, then his (VERY LOVING AND UNDERSTANDING) wife snipped it with scissors."

eeeew. Congratulations -- you finally found the magic words that made me NOT want the chocolate cake in front of me. pfffbt.