Monday, January 08, 2007

Bring it ON

Well, I'm back. From vacation, that is. I discovered something very interesting last week. Here I was, enjoying a bonus vacation week granted to employees at our office for the holiday. We are very lucky in that regard -- our office leadership truly believes in the balance of work and home lives, and supports everyone in keeping a healthy respect for each.

Vacation it is. Use it, or lose it.

So, I was off for the whole week. The beginning was really fun -- sleeping in, working on personal things, killing Christmas by packing up all the decorations, getting through financial tasks that were languishing on the ToDo list. All good.

Then Wednesday hit. And I got antsy. Really antsy. I don't think vacations and I get along. I seem to only operate well when there isn't enough time, when I'm being pulled in many directions and I have a daily schedule to follow because I *need* one. When I have all the time in the world, I simply waste it.

Ah, well. Know your limitations, I guess. :)

So, I'm just tickled to be back at work. I love my job, so that makes it much better, of course. And, since we are mere months away from's time to start smackin' out a little training!

You can check out what's on the docket for this week on my TrainingPeaks public site. That will be my go-to site for tracking all of my training, and where I will ultimately have my formal plan posted.

This week consists of four runs (including one run off), two bikes, two strength, and two swims. I'm heavier on the run frequencies because I feel like that running may warrant some special attention, due to my persnickety ITB. If all goes well, I'd like to sign up for the Chilly Cheeks trail run on the 21st. They throw such a great race, but we'll see.

(By the way, although I could never count it as real training, I wasn't completely idle last week. I was very pleased to find that I retained more muscle strength than I originally anticipated. My strength sessions didn't leave me bent over with soreness and I was actually doing more reps than last year (since this is AA an all). That was definitely a pleasant surprise.)

You know, I'm actually very excited for a lot of things this week -- solid training, back at work full time, and a full schedule. Yeah, there will be a point where I link back to this post and rue the day I wasted extra time and looked forward to a full schedule. And, yup, that day maybe tomorrow.

But for now, bring it on Life.

Bring. It. On.

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Trevor Oseen said...

Your TP summary looks cool. I will keep checking and perhaps need to adopt it next year.

Geez, a free week?! I only get 4 weeks holidays a year and an extra would make my day!