Monday, January 15, 2007

Week in Review

Here's the low down on my first training week. I definitely enjoyed being back into a regimen, even when it meant facing down the cold pool in the morning or the hyper distraction of my 90th minute on the trainer. (Good grief, Shannon...3 hours on the trainer! You have the patience of a monk.)

Here are some of my reflections:

1) I'm not very good at estimating. I'm over estimating my swim times (based on projected meters in the set) and underestimating run times. So my actual vs. planned is a bit off, even though I was meeting my planned sets. Ah well, it'll shake out.

2) I have to FORCE MYSELF TO DO MY STRENGTH SESSIONS. I had the grand idea of being able to do an augmented set at home, but that doesn't really work. So, I have to force myself to make these sessions at the gym.

3) I must not have pushed myself at all last year. I say that because I've been able to retain so many things over the off season, with zero effort. For example -- last week I was swimming 100s in the 2:10 - 2:15 range. Not great, of course, but also not that far off from my training times last year (2:05). And that was my first swim session in months. Conclusion? I have the chance to get much faster this year, folks. Watch. Out.

4) Intervals are fun. I threw a couple of hard 5-minute segments into my long ride on Sunday and it was a blast. My cadence was high (125), my heart was pumping, and my legs were feeling it. What a total blast!

5) I need a new bike. I hate to say it, but it's time to sell something of value and save every penny. Now that Banana is up on a trainer and I'm not distracted by, say, drivers and road kill, I can really tell that it's set up for touring and not tri-ing. Upright is comfy. In the drops is not. Aerobars are awkward. But more importantly, is I am clearly losing power when I'm in aero. The bike is bouncing all over the place when I'm in the aeros, but smooth as silk when I'm upright. I'm reaching out way too far to even reach the bars and when there (because of the reach) I'm bouncing my thighs on my front. It's all bad. I've been eyeing up the Equinox 7 WSD at my local store. Maybe I can find a good one used and sell Banana...

6) BE FLEXIBLE. The future in-laws came over on Saturday for Mighty M's birthday celebration, bringing with them the most adorable two year old that ever lived. In-laws and bricks don't go well together, so don't even try it. Even Sunday involved helping my Dad out with the holiday decorations. So, be flexible. Morning run + afternoon family + evening bike. Not ideal, but certainly doable. No worries.

Okay, the totals.

Actual Hours: 5:28
Planned Hours: 7:30
Swim: 2900 yards
Bike: 44.57 miles
Run: 10.07 miles
Strength: 0.00

This next week includes the same pattern...2 swim, 2 bike, 4 run, and 2 strength (approx. 7:45 hours). I'm hoping to do the Chilly Cheeks on Sunday, but won't be able to tell until mid-week how my knee is responding to the new brace. We will see.

And I'm out!


TriShannon said...

Believe me... I wanted off the trainer so bad!!

Great job on week 1. I'm looking forward to following your journey.

Spokane Al said...

It sounds like you have a solid plan. Good luck and keep up the great work. You may want to consider a professional bike fit - it may resolve your bike issues.

Spokane Al said...

P.S. I like your new header. Very nice.

Jeremy said...

Excellent training for the week!

FYI...if you are looking for a bike, you may want to check out High Road Cycles (in Wayne on Lancaster Ave.). They do sell Treks as well. I bought my bike there shortly after Christmas last year and got 50% off.

I second Spokane Al...that new header is pretty awesome.

Flatman said...

Let me know when you start seriously looking for a bike...I'll help you find a DEAL!

TriSaraTops said...

Why is it that strength training is so freakin' hard to convince myself to do? I keep pushing it aside, and pushing it aside...arg! No more!

Shannon is a MACHINE, I swear. When that girl puts her mind to somethin'... :)