Monday, September 24, 2007

My space time continuum in pictures

Just so you know that I haven't been TOTALLY moping around, Mighty M and I finished watching every single (23!!) episode of this.

Which redeemed television viewing for me.

Since I was cut off part way through this, and have yet to be able to return to the storyline.

(Which made it very difficult to avoid spoilers all last winter!)

But now we have this to save my Mondays.

And this in my Netflix queue.

And with the addition of a bunch of this,

I will likely need this,

to get me out of my favorite chair.

(But the real nonesense is set to begin, because I just discovered THIS and THIS. OH MY!)


LBTEPA said...

Hi Darl
This is about your last post - three things 1. (((HUGS)))
2. Actively seek the small joys and knoow you are entitled to them (I just started to listen to classical music in the car on the way to work - I don't know why I didn't do it before, I LOVE it)
3. When's your next IM?

Duane said...

Hey girl! I can't believe we have to wait till February for more LOST! And for your previous post, I had a huge letdown after my first tri last year. Only after I signed up for something did the depression lift. You might give it a try. Also, please e-mail me if you need to talk (about anything, including LOST)!.

Steve S. said...

Great photos to illustrate your sad, sad point. I'm trying SO HARD to not get sucked in to Heros this year!

Go Mom Go said...

I LOVE Heroes. The other shows last night were pretty good too. So that made for a good night of treadmill/trainer. :)

JenC said...

Definitely love both of those shows - it is nice to find a fellow fan!

As for post-IM depression, I think it is pretty typical to have the blues after a big race (DNF or not). It helps to have other stuff to look forward to (exercise related or not). Hang in there - this too shall pass.

Krista said...

I have never seen Heroes. I don't know how I feel about this, except that I feel like I'm missing out on some big secret.

Shawn said...

Heroes is a great show. LOST, well thats a good show too, but I still can't get over polar bears on a tropical Island.

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Oh you are just so clever with your google image search :P

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

Oh I so feel you! I've been living in Europe which is one season behind on everything so I'm hopelessly lost on this (*shows picture of House*) and this (*picture of CSI Miami*). So much TV to watch! And we don't even have to worry about it because it's the off-season. Yessss!

No Wetsuit Girl... overseas! said...

Oh no! Did I say CSI Miami?! NOOOO, no no no no! Las Vegas, CSI Las Vegas!