Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Procrastination at its best

Today, my forearms, hands and (somehow) right foot are covered with the vague smudges of bike grease that didn't come off in the first attempt of removal this morning. I didn't try very hard, mainly because I have reserved a finite amount of energy for the remaining responsibilities of my job before I literally check-out. And scrubbing my arms was not on the agenda this morning.

From whence came the grease?

Yeah, that would be from the little tutorial Mighty M held in our driveway yesterday afternoon.

Something I haven't mentioned before is that Mighty M has be on and around a bike before. He wrenched when he was younger for years and was a cat 5 (maybe 4?) racer in his prime. Sadly, he hasn't felt the draw back to the saddle since then, but he does know a thing or three about bikes.

Including the fact that yesterday I was 6 days out from an Ironman and had never changed a flat.

:: blink ::

:: blink ::

Um...yeah. EmBareassing! I know. But (in my own defense), I hadn't had the need to do so...you know, in an emergency situation. The kind on the side of the road. You know!

(Sorry, I can't jinx it by saying it out loud!)

So. School was in yesterday, with the delighted audience of my two youngest neighbors, Alison (4) and Emily (6), who were characteristically full of questions.

But I did it. Changed the front a number of times myself and then used practicing on the back tire as a way to LATHER my hands and arms with grease.


An interesting little fact that I learned? Yeah. Um. I've been riding on tires that are REALLY low. As in, "holy geeze, didn't you feel like you were riding through molasses?" low. And I have recently felt a little slower than I wanted to be, but I just figured it was my fat arse. Turns out is was at least partly due to my inability to notice when my tires are flat. (Like 55 psi in the back tire flat.)

Yup. I'm a moron. I get it.

But now I'm a moron who can change her own tire.

And somehow that puts me one step ahead!


Brent Buckner said...

Knowing is half the battle!

Steve S. said...

Yep, that makes you a moron. But maybe it gave you better workouts!!

Because I don't believe in jinxing myself, I can say that I've NEVER had a flat. See you SOON!!!!!

Flatman said...

YAY...at least you know now! Good luck this weekend!!!!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Now that you've foiled Mr. Murphy's plans he'll move on to pick on someone else less prepared.

Don't Mess With Able!!!

JenC said...

It is a very important skill to have even just to ward off the demons (or nerves). I pump up my tires before I ride them every time to about 100 PSI. You should feel way speedy now that you aren't riding 55.

Siren said...

Dude - 55 PSI? With a properly inflated tire you're gonna feel like you're flying!

Don't feel bad though, at least you're making an effort to learn. I'm stunned by how many women I've met that refuse to learn this crucial skill and insist they'll simply quit the race if they flat.

Erin said...

It's not just you. I waited until this past week to practice changing my tires, too. Better late than never, right?!

TriShannon said...

You are going to feel so speedy on fully inflated tires. I check mine before every ride.

Cannot say I don't know how to change a flat on the side of the road. I have had too many chances to practice this summer. I'm not fast, but I can get it done.

See you in Madison!

mark said...

It's just like a drag suit for swimming. I bet you knew you had it at 55psi just to give yourself a psychological edge on race day. Good luck out there!

LBTEPA said...

It's not procrastinating, it's conserving your energy until you need to find out!
Good luck mate, and very best wishes for a great race day - I'll be watching you on ironman live and the IMOO blog

BTW thanks for your comments recently - I have thought of you as I've said 'no thanks, I won't have a wine tonight' quite a few times lately :)

Bill said...

Whoo hoooo!

I just had this conversation with the wrench at the local bike shop.

I was commenting about how busy they were at 630 Saturday morning tuning up people's bikes before the century. He said that one guy hadn't been on his bike in three years and wanted a tune up before he rode 100 miles. Freakin' amazing.

Then I commented on folks that get stuck on the side of the road during an IM or IM-distance race and have no idea how to change a flat. Freakin' amazing.

Now you know. You are one step ahead of where you were last week.

Good luck!

Duane said...

You're going to rock! Just don't stop! I will be back from my race in the afternoon and will be glued to the PC to see you cross that finish line!!!

Wes said...

So funny :-) When I was riding my Fitness bike (hybrid), I was riding around on 35 psi. ROFL. I was in the club long before you! The only flat tire I've changed was when mine went flat in my dining room between rides, so I'm right there with you. It's really not that hard, but practice makes perfect, and it is definitely something you want to have down before race day.

Very cool, grease monkey :-)

Kim said...

um yeah i wouldnt call you a moron, well, because i still dont know how to change a tire. i have seen people do it, but if it came down to it...well i just think i would cry instead.

21stCenturyMom said...

Good luck on your race! I will be there cheering for you and all of the other athletes.

One thing you must not have procrastinated on was signing up - Bib 53??!! You're practically a Pro!

Meggan Ann said...

You're not a moron. I've changed at least 6 or 7 tires on both my mountain and road bikes to practice, and I guarantee you I'd still flounder if I had to do one during a race! It's my biggest fear!