Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Want to see what I'm doing on the 9th? Here's how...


It's Sunday afternoon -- maybe morning -- and your attention has strayed from you household chores and you're looking for something to distract you from the inevitable task of mowing the lawn/running/biking/napping/training the pet pigeons.

And you think... "Hey, self. I wonder what Able is up to... ."

Which of course you will do, since you think of me every day. Right? RIGHT?

That's right. Good reader. Gooooood reader.

Well, never fear. I've gotcha all covered. With a guest blogger.


Meet Adam. Adam, meet the blogosphere.

See...wasn't that nice?

No, assuming Adam hasn't already decided to kill me for posting this picture online (*), he's volunteered to update the site as long as his sleep-deprived father-of-two-rambunctious- little-nuggets mind can stay awake on Sunday night.

Adam, incidentally, can feel the flavor of the tringles. I managed to talk him into the Philly Marathon this year and he actually said YES on the first try! And he's been reading the blog for long enough to know that poop is an entirely acceptable topic, cussing like a truck driver does not earn you demerits, and keeping it real is the only way to roll.


Back to Sunday.

You can go here to look up my progress in real time by searching on my bib number (which is 53) after linking to "Track an Athlete."  And if you're awake and interested, I'm hoping to be crossing the finish line sometime between 10:30 and 11:59, Central Time, and you can see that LIVE here.

Otherwise, Adam is going to keep y'all updated with news from Mighty M, my Dad and Lil'Sis throughout the day until either he falls over with exhaustion or, well, I do.  Whichever comes first... ;)

Okay, guys and gals.  Soon, I'll be signing off.  But I'm looking forward to sharing all of the details with you as soon as I can, but in the mean time, you are in EXCELLENT hands!!  Thanks Adam!!

(*) Adam - you can blame Mighty M for this picture!  I was going to change it, but he said something about it being "just perfect" and snickering on his way out of the room.  So, just remember, this is All. His. Fault.


Laurie said...

I'll get to see you in action! Can't wait :)

Tea said...

#53? wow...that's a cool number! (It's just me...I'm weird about bib numbers--trust me, if it was a weird number, I wouldn't have said anything, so you KNOW it's a good one).

I'll be up and watching, anxiously!

And of course, welcome ADAM! You have big shoes to fill, but I'm sure you'll do a bang up job.

B Bop said...

Pump up those tires, grab your bracelet, and go and do exactly what you have trained yourself to do. Thank you for sharing your journey to the starting line and best of luck. I can't wait to hear about your day!!

What up Adam!?

LBTEPA said...

WOOT! A guest blogger, how cool! Now I'll be even less productive at work on Monday (time zones). Go IMAble go!

Dan Seifring said...

What a team player Adam is.

Pharmie said...

Good luck! See you out there!

Steve S. said...

See you soon #53!!

Wendy said...

That's great of Adam!