Thursday, September 06, 2007

Speeding Toward Madison

Hi blogosphere. I'm honored that Jayme asked me to keep you all up to date on her progress during the IMmoo 2007. I've only known Jayme for a little over a year, but she's made quite an impression on me, my wife, our two little girls and, particularly, my brother-in-law, known in these parts as the Mighty M. I understand he's the one responsible for the flattering picture of me below.

In true Jayme spirit I will, of course, keep it real while getting you all the specific details that I can during the race.

I talked to Mighty M. this afternoon and he told me Jayme was slugging through Ohio after getting on the road around 5am. I guess air travel is just too simple a concept for someone that's going to use her god-given engine to go 140 plus miles. Thought I'd give her a quick call and see how it was going.

Ten hours into her drive, she admitted to having more than her share of caffeine. In her words she was just "getting into a grove" after some minor car trouble in the morning "freaked me out a little....well.... a lot." Filling the car up with higher octane gas than usual fixed the shuttering she felt going up some hills on the way to the local dunkin' donuts. So, both car and driver have gotten their respective fix and are cruising toward Madison.

Our conversation included everything from figuring out that the movie "Tommy Boy" was set in Sandusky, Ohio to why the rest stops were so enjoyable (they have Panera Bread cafes inside) to Jayme's utter (pun intended) amazement that there was a fair alongside route 80 complete with livestock and heavy farm equipment. She wasn't focusing on the particulars of the race yet - just enjoying the ride.

Anyway, point of this all is that she's on her way and should be in Madison tomorrow before noon. I'll do my best to post her progress on this page during the race. I have no doubt that she'll continue to achieve all she set out to accomplish and more. I also wanted to wish all those headed to Madison this weekend the best of luck!

- Adam


TriTurtL said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date. She is a great writer with a beautiful spirit. I know there are a lot of us in blogland that are cheering for her and anxious to hear how she's doing.

Mallie said...

Let her know that one more person will be following along online as she goes for her 140.6.

Charlie said...

I will be enjoying the ride from my desktop. Best of luck to her.

E. L. F. said...

That's MY GIRL! Overcaffeinated and drooling over heavy farm equipment. WELCOME TO THE MIDWEST! Best of luck out there - I'll be watching!!! - elizabeth