Monday, October 01, 2007

Where is Able?

Indeed...a very good question! She has been a number of places in the last week. Like these places...

Hatching plans. Hatching plans. (Boohawhawhaw...rubbing hands together)

Sick as a Dog who has a really, really bad cold. In bed. For evah! With like the longest festering cold known to modern science. Call the CDC, we've got a mutant on our hands.

Spending time with the family. We had a very important family weekend, full of heart heavy topics such as the 10th anniversary of my mother's passing, and somewhat lighter topics like celebrating my 34th birthday (decidedly early I must add, but my sister and Dad can be very persuasive when holding presents labled 'Ann Taylor' and 'Ironman'), and on major transitions, like my Dad moving our family home (gasp!) to Williamsburg (

Hatching plans. And more plans.


And there are things she has decidedly not been doing, but will start doing really soon. Like immediately. For example...

Grocery shopping for food. Like for the house. To EAT. When we're hungry. Which is

Laundry. Ew. And maybe some cleaning in there for good measure.

Running. I know there's a rule that anything below the neck can stop you from running, but anything above shouldn't. But when the above the neck gets crafty enough to give you a fever and sleep in cycles of 10 - 12 hours nonstop, that rule kinda doesn't apply. I'm down to just a runny nose and persistent cough and my running bag is right next to my office chair.

Posting. (Well, duh. You already knew that.)

Writing. About THE RACE. Although I haven't forgotten (how could I). And I have actually come up with most of the writing already. But it's in my head. And you're not Sylar. And, no, you can't eat my brains or do whatever he does. But I do promise a race report this week. And it will be good.

Biking or Swimming. Actually, Banana is still in the basement, with her wheel off and with a half chewed power bar in her bento. NO REALLY. Ew. I would feel guilty when walking past her. On the way to the laundry room. Of course, that would be if I were doing laundry. Ew squared.

So that's my update. More to come. Seriously. But it's Monday, and I'm barely three sips into my D&D coconut nectar of the gods. Today? My Race Plan and MAYBE my declaration of intent.

[Oh no, she di-ent! Oh yes she did!]

Patience is a virtue. (Not one that I really have, but that's what I hear on the block.)(Yo.)



Wes said...

Hope you feel all better soon! Oh, goodeee! I race report. It will be like my birthday :-)

21stCenturyMom said...

Happy Birthday!

I have no patience at all but I'm trying... I am REALLY trying!
[arms crossed.. tap, tap, tap...waaaiiiiting - patiently]

Mallie said...

We're all waiting, semi-patiently. We know it will come in good time!

Meggan Ann said...

I <3 your posts! They always make me smile.

Meggan Ann said...

PS -my bike is still sitting in the garage with the race number on it from the Oly. Which was the last w/e in August. And it's now Oct.

Brent Buckner said...

Defeat the bug!

Duane said...

Glad you're back!

Tea said...


LBTEPA said...

Happy birthday!
Get well soon!
Cleaning? what's that?
You'll hop on your bike tho, and remember how fun it is to zoom around, so do that soon too :)

JenC said...

Fun post. Hope you feel better soon and Happy Birthday fellow Libra!