Friday, February 09, 2007

Fit for press

So, an update on the great challenge and various sundry developments...

  • Six sessions down...5 to go. Bike/run tonight, and then Swim/Lift/Run tomorrow. I don't really think of them like 5 sessions... more like two -- two times I stink up laundry and need to take a shower to be tolerable. Even if I kayaked, juggled, lifted ice blocks, and then took a jog...if I only needed one shower, it only counts as one session. Regardless, by tomorrow afternoon, it's all about hot wax and buffed cuticles.
  • Buoys rock my world. Not David Bowie. Buoys. Sounds the same, but not the same. I'm starting to get much more confident of breathing on the right using one. No buoy? Sink like a rock. Buoy? I rock.
  • Smart training in shorter periods is better than being a bonehead in search of duration. And once you get over the numbers, it feels just as good.
  • I know I've ranted about drills recently, but I'm still in love with them. Currently, my swim drills and I are having an illicit affair. NOBODY MENTION THIS TO MIGHTY M. I love the catch-up and one-arm-at-a-time and finger drag. I even made up my own drill to fix my obsessive need to stare straight ahead when I'm swimming. It's my chin drill. It's fancy.
  • Oh, and speaking of drills -- I CAN TOTALLY DO THE ONE-LEGGED CYCLING DRILL NOW and I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!! I can't believe I waited until the 6th bullet to mention it. Practice does pay.
  • Enough with the cold, okay? Enough.
That's all that's fit for press.


JohnnyTri said...

have a super weekend!!!


Duane said...

What a great day for you! Have a good one!

Dave Hartman said...

Gotta love those drills. I often watch other swimmers, both good and bad. From the good ones, I try to find one thing they do well and mimic it. For the bad ones, I try to find one thing they don't do well and make sure I'm not doing it.
Swimming is so hard, because you can't see yourself doing it.

Have a good weekend.

Steve S. said...

You lucky duck. I was I was complimented on my stroke. Well done!!