Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lil' Sis is TAGGED!

May all ya'll underachieving bloggers be ashamed!

My sister -- who doesn't even have a blog! -- finished the most recent tag! Honestly, I think she's just a weeeeee bit bored at her brand new job, but we won't fault her for that.

What is it about the first couple of weeks at a new job that make you feel like a complete idiot? You usually have n.o.t.h.i.n.g to do except try not to yawn in front of your co-workers or make a total fool out of yourself by setting up your voice mail!

Oh...come on, people...we've all done it...

"Hi, you've reached (blank) at the Office of (blanketyblank)..."

...darn, that doesn't sound more time...

"Hi, I'm not available at the moment...", no, no...too personal! One more time...

...and it goes on for at least an hour until you finally get that just perfect outgoing message (that you won't hear again for another few years, until the day you forget how to direct dial into the voice mail system), leaving you with another 7-1/2 hours to fill...well...finishing up a blogTag when you don't even have a blog!


So, here's a little insight into my wonderful baby (not really a bay anymore) sister, who clearly shares my love for the use and abuse of the ellipse...


A-Available or Married? How come this is always the first question...augh- available! Why, do you know someone?

B-Best Friend? I would have to say my sister and my fam is truly the best...I feel sorry for everyone else who is not a part of our crew...

C-Childhood Memory? The piano played a huge part in our childhood-almost like a third sibling it was always there- playing along with us- I can remember building forts underneath the piano with a large sheet- and spending time with my family- we were one of those families that spent a lot of time the time it seemed lame but now I see that time was the greatest gift our parents gave us...

D-Drink of choice? Diet Pepsi

E-Essential Item? SLEEP- I need my beauty sleep!

F-Favorite Color? Blue- any shade of blue

G-Gummi Bears or Worms? No thanks

H-Hometown? West Chester, could have been quite possibly the best place to grow up- a small college town just outside the big city (Philly) and for some reason it always seemed full of friends...still does...and now returning there is one of my most favorite things

I-Indulgence? Books- my dream is to live surrounded by books- hopefully a few of them written by my sister...if she ever gets the HINT!

J-January or February? Ummm...I believe the answer is MARCH!

K-Kids and Names? None- but I do have a few baby names stored up somewhere- none which I will reveal of course!

L-Last Lipid profile results? Lipid...what the heck is a lipid...does this have something to do with trans-fats...

M-Marriage Date? Ummmm...let's focus on my birthday, which is March 13th!

N-Number of Siblings? One -- a fabulous and terribly successful sister, who is my daily inspiration and constant reminder that we are all much stronger than we think we are...

O-Oranges or Apples? Stamen apples

P-Phobias/Fears? The cracking of knuckles, large waves, small insects, car accidents, damaging my Achilles heel, amnesia, losing a limb, sharks, major heights, failure, being abandoned in a strange country, Lord Voldemort, learning I never graduated from college and have to go back (Frequent dream), earthquakes, tsunamis from earthquakes, needles/shots (especially tetanus), unfriendly cats, scary movies, AIDS/HIV, cicadas, fast balls, change, public restrooms, asking for money back from a pizza delivery person and wondering if the tip was enough and if they are now judging me as they walk back to their car, the Mexican-American grocery store down the street, Anacostia, 495 in rush hour, and the list goes on and on...

Q-Quote? "If you want to fly you need to let go of the shit that holds you down" - Maya Angelou

R-Reason to Smile? My wonderful family and amazing friends and the fact that today is almost 45 degrees outside! Also the House Committee on Ways and Means hearing room - it is the most awe inspiring thing and I work there!

S-Season? Fall- I love the foliage and the faint smell of a fire in the fireplace and the crunch of the leaves...and the colors...oh, the colors

T-Tag 3 people! I most certainly will not!

U-Unknown Fact About Me? I pray daily to thank God for the blessings (s)he regularly bestows upon me...also I"m still not sure what the procedure bells mean on the House of Representative floor (but I look like I do!).

V-Vice? My credit report

W-Worst Habit? Speaking way too fast...

X-X-terra or regular tri? Wait...are these bikes...then forget it...this is not a question for me

Y-Favorite food? Seafood...crabs with lots of butter and hush puppies...I love it!

Z-Zodiac sign? Pisces...I am a fish!


Anonymous said...

Your sister sounds AMAZING! I mean abolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!

Bolder said...

what anonymous said!

greyhound said...

Hey, Able. Thanks so much for the donation. Every bit does help and I appreciate the generous spirit behind every gift. Let me know when I can return the favor.