Monday, February 12, 2007


My favorite Mom from Texas tagged me, so I'm off to the races with this little nod to the alphabet. Enjoy!

A — Available or Married? Um...neither? For tax purposes, I'm single. But, thankfully my full-time Race Sherpa/Dish Washer/ Success Story (Mighty M) came along about a year ago. Do I hear bells in the distance? Oh...wait, maybe that's ringing in my ear from the swim...hmmm...

B — Best Friend? I have too many to have one. I'm lucky. Really lucky. But I wouldn't trade my sister for anything in the world -- she's just simply wonderful.

C — Childhood memory?
Playing hide and seek in the woods near my house, climbing the broad tree in our backyard with my sister, hearing the sound of piano washing through the house every day I came home from's such a long list...

D — Drink of choice? Crystal Light Fruit Punch. Nummy...

E — Essential Item? Just one??? Alright,, probably a cup of Dunkin Donuts coconut coffee with cream and splenda, please. Dad is convinced I just carry it around with me everywhere, and forget to drink it along the way. I actually do drink it...once it cools down properly to the perfect temp. I'm picky. A little.

F — Favorite Color? Purple. Definitely purple. Or sage green. I like green, too. Reds and burgundies are nice, too.

G — Gummi Bears or Worms? WORMS

H — Hometown? West Chester, PA. A way cute town outside of Philadelphia that, much to our surprise, actually just made the top whatever list of best towns by the Historical Society. For me, it's full of great memories and there's always someone I know from way back around the corner. I spent so many years of my young adult life seeking happiness elsewhere -- what a surprise it was to find it right here, in my old back yard.

I— Indulgence?
Cooking -- I can't resist a beautiful steak or bright, fresh asparagus. Whole foods make me happy. Chopping veggies is therapy for me. Thank goodness M is content doing the dishes!

J — January or February? real joy is in the summer months.

K — Kids and Names? None yet, but we've done the truly annoying thing of talking about names before, um, we're even engaged?! Isabelle and Sabina. I'm convinced we'll have only girls, so it'll be a scramble if there's a boy in the picture!

L — Last Lipid profile results? Fantastic. Fried foods don't do it for me. (Whew!)

M — Marriage Date? Wouldn't *I* like to know!

N — Number of Siblings?
One -- a fabulous and terribly successful sister, who just landed an incredible new job in DC. As always, preparing her steps towards world domination!

O — Oranges or Apples? Apples. Every day.

P — Phobias/Fears? Joints and kneecaps. Ugh!! I can't stand seeing people move them or play with them or hyper extend them....blah! I don't know if it comes from worrying about it as a young violinist (who was forever worried about breaking a finger or busting a joint), or just because they're plain gross. I think it's mainly because they're gross. Just plain gross.

Q — Favorite Quote? "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined." Thoreau. Certainly easy advice to read...putting it into action is the challenge!

R — Reason to Smile?
My life with M. Hands down. Just walking through our front door and seeing him can wipe away an entire day of stress. Normally, I'm articulate, but trying to describe my life with him leaves me speechless. Love. Him.

S — Season? Summer. It always means time with family at the beach and the perpetual pursuit of the perfect tan and quiet naps. More recently, memories of early Sunday morning drives to races and car trips with Mighty M. Nothing too bad seems to ever happen in the summer for me...knock on wood.

T — Tag 3 People! Okay, so I'm going to be a spoiled sport and tag everyone who wants to do their own alpha assessment! It's fun...go for it!

U — Unknown Fact About Me? I used to be a part of a professional motorcycle drag racing, seriously, I was! I was only support -- not a racer! -- but we traveled all over the East coast for about 7 years. Such a fun time and amazing people! Plus, it pays to know a little about a four-stroke engine now and again...if only to impress....

V — Vice? Right now, it's caffeine. Definitely caffeine.

W — Worst Habit? Bossy bossy bossy.

X — X-terra or regular tri? Regular is fine for me...I have this horrible image of me flipping my bike backwards while clipped in, going up some ridiculous incline. (And the pic on Iron Kahuna's recent post doesn't help much!) For this year, regular is fine-by-me.

Y — Favorite food? Steak. Medium Rare. Filet, preferably. MMMMM.

Z — Zodiac sign? Libra. And, seriously, folks, I actually am really very measured and balanced! No, really, I am!

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