Monday, February 19, 2007

Bank of Me

It's graphs like this that make me happy. Happy, happy, happy.

I'm at one of those moments in life that everyone hits at some point where there never seems to be enough -- enough money to cover obligations, enough time to finish tasks, enough energy to do everything and then some. The constant refrain is more, more, more. And I constantly feel like I have less, less, less. And when you barely have what's needed, trying to balance all those responsibilities is significantly harder than when your flush with time or money or energy. Careful planning will get you there, it's just a bit draining along the way.

But it's so nice for me to be able to look at my training and know that here is an aspect of my life that is a given. It's set. So long as my YMCA membership is paid up and my bike doesn't break, I always can go out for a run or swim and there's nothing stopping me from at least achieving that goal each day. Nobody will come in and say "Nope, sorry, that's can't have that ride and you owe me a long run." It's mine, all mine. Nobody wants it and nobody can have it.

That analogy about training being a bank in which you deposit session after session, mile after mile, in anticipation of the big withdrawal? Yeah, that's making some sense to me. And at a time where there's not enough money to deposit in a real bank and there's no magical bank of time to save up for movie marathons or evenings with Mighty M, at least there's one aspect of my life where I'm building, rather than just getting by.

For example...(drum roll please) swim! These past two weeks I've focused on my form and my drills and really pushed through the fartlek sets and intervals. For the first time, I was actually sweating in the pool! (I reiterate...gross, but cool!) And, my friends, it's paid off.

Sunday was the long straight set (this time 1700) and my average 100 dropped 5 seconds! And that's not just one session or one set of 500 -- that's been consistently, over the whole week, my times have been getting faster. I'm no longer the salmon swimming upstream -- instead I'm making progress!

Even my run has improved, although I have no idea how with such low mileage. (Okay, I training, not mileage, makes you a better runner...I know, I know... .) Last night I did a 65 minute run (not usually a problemo for me), but was stuck on the treadmill for it. Usually, my speeds on the treadmill are A-TRO-CIOUS. But, last night I'm cruising along at a pace over a minute and a half of my usual (treadmill joke pace). And it felt.just.fine.

Oh, and not to mention the fact that I've just hit ANOTHER 100% week out of the park! (Pats herself on the back.)

Things are certainly looking up in training world, and I'm damned proud of that!


LBTEPA said...

You are doing so well, I am very happy for you (hug)

JohnnyTri said...

I Like the way your Bank is looking!! GReat Job!!


Dave said...

Great Job!! Keep making those deposits. It will pay off big time come September.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

oh, I know exactly how you feel - I don't understand why I'm always behind the 8-ball, but there I am. Except the bike is paid for and the gym membership is too. And the shoes aren't too old. So that feels good.

GO you!

TriShannon said...

I am feeling the exact same way lately. Things are just clicking with the training, both physically and mentally.

Keep up the great work! I know we are both going to make it.

Donald said...

There's nothing like the feeling of gliding faster through the water - I just love it.

Great training week!

jbmmommy said...

Good for you! I just recently caught up with your blog and look forward to hearing all about your journey. Take care.

mark said...

Congrats!!! It's weeks like those that inspire me to have weeks like those.

momo said...

sounds like an awesome training week - great job!

mishele k said...

Congratulations! You'll have a lot to draw from that account come September!

If only you could earn money cranking out miles on the bike... sigh.

Siren said...

Woo hoo! Great work : )

(And I'm having major graph envy over here)