Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh no...

...I did it.

I went there.

I blame it on Mighty M. It's his fault.

Two weekends ago, my friend Nicole was in town for a visit and we took total advantage of it as an excuse to sit around in the living room and gab. Like girls. For as long as the boys tolerated us.

(it was about 2 hours before M broke and claimed exhaustion. dad only made it 1 hour, mumbling something about being too old for this on the way up the stairs.)

One of the long list of things that makes Nicole one of THE most interesting people you'll ever meet is that she's a marathoner. And a spin instructor. And a new kick-boxing convert. And a bazillion other interesting things.

She always picks such great things to try and then she goes 110%.

So, clearly, I'm going to try to convince her to do a triathlon.


And, of course, I'm going to encourage her to do one with me. Wouldn't that be fun?

Of course.

And Nicole never goes small and she's already a killer runner and strong on the bike. Just a little time in the pool and I have a(nother) partner in crime.

(rubbing hands together with glee)

And then Mighty M -- amidst all this fun talk of what race to do -- mentions the Ironman.

And I, like, do a double take. Wait, I think, he looks all casual. The word just tumbled out of his mouth. Must be careful at this juncture...

"An Ironman, M? You're crazy. You mean next year?"

His response: "Of course. I figured that would be the plan for next year."


And you know what? He's totally right. We will have all the wedding (and wedding planning) behind us. I will be coming off of a solid year with 3 half irons and over a half dozen other races. And I have found the perfect coach. And we already know we want to wait for a little before starting a family, and moving from our current house. And if I were to wait until the following year, I would have other issues to contend house hunting and baby making and those kinds of things.

Oh my.



Is it time for some...gasp...Iron?


Laurie said...

Funny, I always kinda thought you would do that too. I'm glad you will have Mighty M's full backing if that is what you decide.

Andrea said...

I'll do it if you do it! ;)
JK...I hardly know ya, but seriously, I was starting to ponder the thought myself...even though I've never even done a half (yet - it's coming in June).

If you did one, which one would it be and why?

TrainingtoTri said...

Which one and why? I might be contemplating one next year if all goes well for my Half ironman training, but more than likely will wait another year. But you can totally do it, totally!

Andrea Ford said...

Go for it!! You'll have such a great experience and I'll have such a great time reading about it :)
Believe and you will achieve.

Smithposts said...

I am just finding your blog. The weight thing....I am there with you; the 1/2 Ironman...I am a long way away; the Ironman...go for it! I can't wait to read about your training and race!

LBTEPA said...

So have you Said It yet?
Cause once you've said you'll do something, you always do it!
How exciting... and scary...and exciting!

Trihardist said...

Say it! Say it! Say it!

C'mon, you're totally ready for it. And once you set your mind to it, you'll be able to start planning, training, and--most importantly--dreaming :-)

Anonymous said...

YES! :) Get more athletes doing IM...and just doing triathlons. It is a great experience...and good times all around! :) Jen H.

Anonymous said...

be careful - it's addictive!! having done three IM races in the past three years, I'm having trouble pulling back this year - but, yeah great stuff - go for it... you will need to decide soon, because "Ironman" logo races fill up almost immediately. Lake Placid is beautiful in July ; )Jesse

Fe-lady said...

Sounds like a plan...

Which one?

IronTRISH said...

Awesome! It will so much "easier" with the Elf coaching you. Is Nicole in?

triguyjt said...

its the natural progression..

go for the ironman.

see you at mountaineer

Tea said...

We all have to know which one! I mean,'s the perfect place for a blogger meet up!

GP said...

Oh my, yes! You've made your way to the big time. I'm eager to read about your road to the '[wo]Man!

Megan said...

No time like the present. I hope you decide to do it!!!!

Sara said...

wow....way to take the plunge! You are right, there is never a "perfect" time to train for Iron so living by the no time like the present philosophy is a good one! Which one are you thinking about doing?

Comm's said...

another brought into the fold. excellent

momo said...

yes!! you're back. :-) i think its a beautiful plan, and sounds like you have the perfect support system. i say - YES!