Friday, February 29, 2008

Eat me/Drink me

So, back to normally schedule blogging thankyouverymuch.

A gazillion years (pre-weight epiphany blogging tangent), Trying to Tri asked me a question about getting calories on the bike. And, since I don't have her email address, I was going to leave a really protracted response on her blog. On a totally unrelated post. Which might violate some blogging rule somewhere. I dunno, but I'm not going to risk it.

Protracted post goes here.

[oh, and by the way, i'm pretty sure there's a way to let people see your email addresses when you they can reply...cause you know, there are bloggers out there who i've been DYING to write (and this means YOU, AGA!) and never can because their emails are hidden...just saying]

So...eating on my bike. And, for that matter on the run.

I've changed things up recently on account of advice from the Elf and a commitment to never have to puke in the water again. It really wasn't even as pleasant as it sounds. Seriously.

The Elf gave me advice lots of advice on coming to what works for me, but I'm going to just highlight a couple of things here. I hope she doesn't mind. Maybe she'll never know...she is down with the girls in somewhere like South Cakalacky on a hunt for the wizard. SOMEONE, QUICK, DISTRACT THE COACH! I'M GOING TO GIVE AWAY SOME OF HER SECRETS!

First -- do your race nutrition all the time. And I don't mean kind of sort of maybe do your race day nutrition when you're training. I mean every time you eat or drink on the bike or run, you eat or drink what you would during a race. That was a mistake I made last year -- I was trying a million different products and I would use certain things for longer rides and totally different products for medium rides. It was a mess.

Now, I have a plan for getting a certain number of calories on board based on the clock. If I'm doing a 90 minute ride, then I get 90 minutes into my master plan. A 3 hour ride? Same plan...I just happen to get 3 hours into it. You get the picture.

Second -- Make and stick to time markers. I never ever ever would have thought of this, but it makes absolute sense. Decide when eating on the bike works for you. And then ever single time you're on the bike (for long enough to need the nutrition) eat at those times. For me? 0:10, 0:40, 1:20, 2:00, and so on for intervals of 40 minutes.

Now, I don't even think about it anymore. I see 1:20 on the CatEye and I eat. It takes the thought out of it, and I've been screwed in the past by asking too much of my noodle. In West Virginia last year I was all over the place...eating at odd intervals, trying to get down too much at one time to catch up with my plan. Not good.

Now, I have my numbers. And my noodle can take a break and think about other things. Like staying upright and watching for potholes. It's a good trade off.

Third -- break it down into units for each feeding, with each unit in kind of the same caloric ballpark. That way, you can move units around, based on how you're feeling. If my stomach is feeling sour 90 minutes into the bike, I can switch out a bag of beans for a 1/2 of a power bar. Close in calories, and gives me some flexibility. And since I've taken the variable of when out of play, I can manage the variable of what.

Fourth -- this isn't eating, but it's always a good idea to do a sweat test to see if you're sweating as much as you think you are. Turns out, when I'm in my basement without a fan, I only need 16 oz of fluids. Later in the season, when I'm spending more time outside I'll test again.

So, to answer Trying to Tri's question, here's what I plan on doing this weekend for my long ride. I hope it helps!

0:10 - Fruit Punch sport beans (100 cal)
0:40 - 1/2 Powerbar protein plus (145 cal)
1:20 - 3 Clif Bloks (1/2 pack)(90 calories)
2:00 - 1/2 Powerbar protein plus (145 cal)
2:40 - Fruit Punch sport beans (100 cal)

20 oz Accelerade each hour (180 cal)

So for a three hour ride, I'm consuming about 1120 calories.

Be Merry
(but only on intervals of 40 minutes)


Wes said...

Good stuff! and good advice! I can't believe you are already doing 3 hours on the bike! That rocks :-)

TrainingtoTri said...

It does help! Thank you and I put my email on your last post lady - I will for sure start thinking about this morning. I know on runs that if I am going long I take my first GU at 5 miles and then every 5-6 from there. I need to figure out the bike. I did a 100 mile ride last summer, but just ate at every stop. On the training rides, I didn't eat all that much, need to figure all of that out. Have a great weekend!

AGA said...

Eeeee! Able likes me:)

you can email me here

gardne97 at msu dot edu

I won't tell the coach you're sharing secrets;)

Laurie said...

It is so important to figure out what works for you. I'm glad you have devised a strategy, your season will be just that much easier.

ness said...

Firstly, ELF will likely have sunburned corneas for at least a few days, so the likelihood that she'll be able to READ your leakage of coaching secrets is slim. I think you're in the clear. Watch out though, she likes to throw around threats about swim sets of 4 x 1000 so if you see that set on your schedule, you'll know she knows...
Secondly, what do you do with the other 3 shot blocks left over after your ride???

IM Able said...


(as my grandmother used to say)

Honestly, I can't help but eat them. I love them. No...I LURVE THEM. Like candy without the guilt. So if there's any left over after I ride...WATCH OUT!

(ps -- if i see 4 x 1000 on my schedule, i'm going to poo my bathing suit. figuratively, of course. but i know i will one day. oh god...she's gonna do it...i just know she will...(faint))

Tea said...

Very cool, very detailed. Just perfect.

Have you decided where you will cut off solid foods? Or is that not a problem for you? I am thinking with 2 hours left on the bike, I'm done with my bars. I want to make sure I don't run into any issues on the run.

Tea said...

OH! And Kathy (NZ) is racing today! She had a fantastic swim!

Megan said...

I've just incorporated the FP beans and Clif Bloks into the nutrition plan, cause I was getting kinda sick of the Mocha GUs. The change is very yummy!

This is the one area I can't nail down. I am still trying to make changes to see what works in a way that doesn't make me want to puke on the run part of the brick. I totally agree with the timed intervals - mostly because I have a tendency to put it off if I feel okay in the moment, not really thinking about the later consequences.

Great post!

IronMin said...

I'm a big fan of the Fruit Punch Beans too. Great nutrition plan. Thanks for sharing! (I won't tell the coach)

kt said...

Thanks for the info. This was super helpful.

LBTEPA said...

Thanks - that's great information :)

Nikemom said...

Great info about nutrition on the run! I've tried different products and all they do is make me feel like I gotta poot. I'm going to incorporate them when I train as you suggested (very disciplined) - afterall, you perform like you practice.

Nikemom said...

Great info about nutrition on the run! I've tried different products and all they do is make me feel like I gotta poot. I'm going to incorporate them when I train as you suggested (very disciplined) - afterall, you perform like you practice.

Megan said...

P.S. I tried following your plan for my brick today, and lo and behold, it worked. I has minor GI stuff by the end, but it was six hours long, so I guess it is to be expected. Thanks for the guidance!

Trihardist said...

Great advice! I hadn't really given my "plan" (if you can even call it that) any consideration because I prefer to stick with Olympic distance, but now that you mention it, I do tend to cramp up towards the end of my bike. You've inspired me to re-examine my nutrition for every workout, so thanks!

Trihardist said...
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