Monday, March 17, 2008

How to completely mess up a rest week AND blow your knee, all in one easy lesson.

Sometimes, training isn't great. Sometimes you don't get to daydream about strong finishes and hear your own soundtrack in your head, urging you forward. Sometimes you don't get what you want, and sometimes you probably should have stayed home.

Yup. Sometimes it just sucks.

And such is life.

From whence this melancholy come? Last week. Or, more specifically, 1:15 PM last Saturday.

Here's the deal. My coach dialed me back for the week for a couple of reasons. First, I have a build coming up for a STUPENDOUS EARTH SHATTERING PEAK for my first race of the season. Okay, I kid a bit with the shattering stuff, but there will be a peak involved I'm told.

And second, I had a 2 hour run on the schedule for Saturday. It's my longest so far on deck since last season and a source of a little consternation about being properly rested and whatnot. But *I* was confident that it would be *just dandy* and *don't worry* about me because 2 hours sound *peachy.* I can do it in my sleep.

Ah, bravado. How did I make it through my 20s without you?

So (warning: admission coming ahead), I'm not really - um - all that great at the rest week thingy. Actually, I'm pretty craptastic at it. Here's why.

"Rest week" in my world (apparently) is translated "everything is optional week."


(I know, I know.)

My poor coach. I should have warned her that I have two speeds -- training or sittinginbedwatchingtveatingbonbons.

(no, not really bonbons. maybe berry gelato. but that was just ONCE.)*

I was peachey for my swims, but that quick run on Tuesday? My headache had an easy time of convincing me otherwise. The bike on Wednesday? Notsomuch.


Huh? Huh, genius?

That would be knee pain. AND YES, I know, it has happened before. Um, can we say the 2006 Philly Marathon? Yeah, my ITB hates trying to throw out there a 2 hour run when I haven't given it the time of day for a week.

So, Saturday was a day of no lollipops and nary a rainbow. Just one p-ed off runner walking dejectedly home an hour early. And in pain. And really angry with the world (read: myself and my knee).

I iced and I moped and I complained and moped some more. And this tempermental triathlete tantrum didn't end until I finally got on the bike on Sunday to finish up the week's plan.

And you know what? That. Sucked. Too.


It can't all be lollipops and rainbows, I guess. Sometimes it just doesn't work. Sometimes I've gotta just remember the good runs and shut up and move on.

And for right now, I've gotta find a local place that sells foam rollers. Because I needs me one. Pronto.

* okay, twice.


Wes said...

We bought our foam roller at Target. Sorry to hear about the knee issue, but I'm sure she who types IN ALL CAPS will help you work your way through it :-)

Stef said...

Dude I totally hear you on the rest week issue!!! YES. Thank you for putting this out there cause sometimes I feel like that only happens to me.

That said, of course it's NOT a good thing and you will move on. Totally. You don't even need me to say that I realize . . .

Now for a question. What are the foam rollers for? I've seen them show up in Coach's strength/functional workouts (I'm having a hard time getting through routine #1 without believing I'm going to die, which routine does not utilize the rollers) but do they also have a theraputic purpose as well?

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about your knee. Hope you're able to get back to lollipops & rainbows soon.

Mommymeepa said...

sorry about everything, but your posts make me laugh. Get better soon and just keep moving forward. It will get better. If not just have some more berry gelato and watch TV.

You are doing awesome!!

Keep on keepin' on.

someday tri said...

I hear ya on the ITB frustrations.

I'm also looking forward to an update on how the roller works for you -- sure, I can look up all the physical therapists' reports on myofascial whatever, but anecdotal evidence is so much more fun to read :)

stronger said...

Ditto to Target- in sporting goods by the yoga mats. It's red. Tip: if you have a set of push-up bars/handles- you can elevate your torso from the floor and better control the roll across the roller (also better regulating the amount of body weight against the roller...and you do a little tricep work while you're at it).

LBTEPA said...

Oh no!
Get well soon mate

Leah said...

Ugh. How dare the body mess with the big PLAN. Doesn't it know you have goals?! So frustrating. Hope it feels better soon.

monica said...

word of caution: go slow on the foam roller at first. it's easy to overdo it and be more sore even though you're still benefiting from the rolling therapy

TriGirl Kate O said...

I'm right there with you suffering on a foam roller or with a stick of pain (that rolling pin-like thing). Today it was my physical therapist's thumbs...ouch! Here's to the two of us being back out there soon.

tri-dogmom said...

Same thing happened to me this week. I was sick for a week, then tried to run. ITB locked up instantly..

I'm going to see an A.R.T guy for treatment tomorrow... Foam roller isn't cutting for me these days.

Stupid IT bands...