Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dream a little dream

I'm not dreading today's workout, but my subconscious is.

Today I have the last big prep workout for the big duathlon next weekend. It's a Du Brick of the likes I've never tried before. All my bricks have been in the bike to run format...worked pretty well for me. This one, is different.

45 on the bike with increasing levels of HR
30 minute run with increasing levels of HR
45 bike repeat (build, build, build!)
30 minute run repeat (build, build, build!)
30 minute bike spin out


That'll be new.

And my knee has been flaring again. All the way up to the hip. My new fancy refreezable icepack and I have become close friends. My roller and I are in an intense lovehate relationship and DEESE far away from an ex parte restraining order. It's been fun at my house this week.

Last night I had a dream I was down at the local university's athletic center and had lost a chunk of my left calf and (much more recently in the dream) lost another huge chunk of muscle out of my right calf. I was climbing endless stairs with the swim team, trying to find the upstairs exit. (Huh?) Once I did, I had a long hill to climb to get back into town and it was the slow trudgery that only a dream can bring you. Heavy legs, walking through molasses, cant. walk. faster. At the top, I ran into my hockey coach from high school who was at the finish line of a running race that I had missed. She was decidedly not impressed with my chunked out calves.


So, if I don't get my butt in gear and down into the basement for this brick my subconscious will have some more to say about it, I'm sure.

Damnable Freud.


Steve Stenzel said...

Weird dream. Mine are like that too sometimes, but they end with me masterbating. Just in the dream, not in real life. Sorry, I've said too much.

Good luck with the workout!!

Danni said...

I read you were going to the basement to do your brick.. I am assuming you have a trainer. What kind is it? Did you get a new back wheel for your bike?

Trihardist said...

Damnable! Damnable! Haha! Don't know why that word seems so amusing.

Good luck with that brick! I've been looking forward to trying something like that, so I definitely want to hear how it pans out for ya.

Karl McCracken said...

Good luck with that Brick - looks like absolutely no fun at all!

And about the dream . . . put your analyst on danger money. ;-)

Andrea said...

Whoa. What a workout. I can't wait for the ELF to give me one of those...ugh. I might as well put myself (mentally) in the hurt box now to prepare for the day she gives me a workout like that!

monica said...

your brick says YOU.ARE.HARDCORE.


tri-dogmom said...

If you can find a reputable A.R.T person to work on your IT band it should really help!

I couldn't run 2 miles 2 weeks ago, and I logged 30 last week.... That's after 5 treatments. And I've had IT issues for years, including surgery on one of them.

Good luck!!