Monday, February 11, 2008


In the last year or so, since I've been training on a regular basis and watching what I eat, I've been relatively healthy.

Occasionally, I get hit with the hint of something bad to come. But I'm a huge proponent of preventing the bad cold/flu/infection/blahblahblah. When I start feeling sick, I start loading up on sleep and fluids.

My goal: never get super sick.

I used to get horrible illnesses that lasted forever and a day. I was perpetually immuno-compromised because of my heavy drinking and smoking. I treated my body with little respect, so I was always recovering from something or on the verge of something else. It was evident in my lung function, my energy levels, my skin, hair and name it. It was yuckdome.

So, in an effort to nevah evah go back there, I'm a prevention nut. And my efforts are meeting there match this week.

The throat thing started on Thursday. Kinda scratchy. Would you worry? Prolly not. Me? Absolutely.

Continued into Friday...and Saturday...and yesterday. I generally trained through until yesterday, when I realized this wasn't going to shake with just some positive thinking. So I went to bed. And slept. And then I woke for a while (actually to pack a bag for today's training), and promptly went back to sleep again.

And now I'm sitting at the office, with a throat full of yuck and what feels like a fever. And a headache. And my eyeballs are hot. My eyeballs are hot.


So...tonight is a prescription for a little training (it's an easy session on the bike, although I still can't figure out how "easy" and "one-legged drills" ever fall into the same sentence), the quickest next day prep I can manage (lunch making, outfit picking out, swim bag packing, horrah!), and then straight to bed.

Because I totally and absolutely WILL NOT get sick on a peak week. I refuse to. And I generally get my way. Except for about the flatware this weekend during registry shopping. Didn't get my way on that one. But I will for this.

Brute force and ignorance. Works every time.


Wes said...

Awww man! I hate hot eyeballs! Hope you feel better soon :-)

triguyjt said...

good luck in coming back to normal....

LW said...

I swear by Airborne. Every time I start feeling the scratchy throat thing, or sick in any other way, I immediately start taking it every 4-6 hours. It works magic for me. Feel better soon!