Saturday, July 28, 2007

Understanding that marathon part

It dawned on me today on my bike ride why people are so willing to actually run a marathon after riding a bike for 112 miles.

It's because they're so damned glad to not be on the bike any more, they'd do anything you told them to do.

A little cha-ching in the Iron Bank today with a 108 mile ride throughout beautiful countryside. Really pretty ride, great people, well stocked stations, and me...the ultimate idiot who missed the last turn on the way back and added an extra 8 miles to the ride. Trust me, that Was. Not. Fun.

Needless to say, I was so ready to get off the bike you could have convinced me to do anything.

Perhaps even running a marathon.


Cliff Tam said...

IM Able,

heh, partly true. On the bike, my front deraileur broke. I ended up only riding with 4-5 gears in my mid ring. Climbing up hills were no fun and my quads so want to cramp.

Interesting..once on the run i was fine :)

JenC said...

It is so true. A marathon seems desirable after being on the bike so darn long.

Great deposit in the bank of IM!!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Nice ride!! 108 miles is solid!!

Would love to hear more about your nutrition, what you ate and when during it if you would care to expound? I just realized (yeah, I'm quick, huh) that you and I are kinda on the same schedule because our IMs are pretty close to each other.

Duane said...

Nice going on the ride! Wow!

JohnnyTri said...

now thats funny... never thought about it that way, but true.

good deposit in the Bank!


Steve S. said...

you just might be right!!

Donald said...

Great ride! I also think the marathon isn't nearly as dreadful, because that's when you start to feel the finish line in the distance.

Tea said...

LOL You are SO right about the bike.

What an awesome ride. With the 8 extra miles, you KNOW you're ready.

Amy said...

Wow - Since reading your post I have tried to imagine that many miles on a bike. I couldn't even do that many in a car without going ballistic. Way to go!

Comm's said...

I remember many times the anxiety of queuing up for mararthons. At florida I hoped off the bike and was already 6 miles into my run before it dawned on me what I was doing.

At Arizona, I was so sick I just wanted options. I did not want to get cut for time so just getting through the bike became the issue knowing that when I made the cut off I had options, I could make decisions which is what survival is all about. (Un)fortunately the decision to medically pull me was done for me when I got to T2.