Friday, July 27, 2007

Is she talking about poop again??

Spend five minutes in our house and you know that poop is not an off limit topic. No, we don't discuss it over dinner (we are civilized barbarians, you know!), but it has been known to come up in conversation.

Usually a triathlon related conversation. Often relating to fiber intake and a race the next morning. But there it is -- poop convo.

Indelicato, I know.

But here's a post about good poop, as in poop that will help people live a better life.

How? you ask...


Yup, cowpucky.

Canine Partners for Life is hosting a COW BINGO to raise money for their services. Not a little money, mind you -- they're looking to sell 3000 squares of turf to raise $30,000 towards their services.

That's a lotta pucky.

How does it work? You buy one or fifty squares on a grid, that will be laid out in a field at Cow Bingo day. (Which, incidentally, also has fun hay rides for the kids, a blue grass band, and a puppy kissing booth...but back to the poop... .) Then one lucky cow is placed in the pasture and you keep a careful eye on where she chooses to do her bid'ness.

As Lil'Sis would say...we put the K in Klass.

If you've never been to a Cow Bingo before, it's hy-ster-ical. Too fun. I attended a number of them in college, but that's mainly because I went to a small college (2000 of us) in a smaller town in upstate New York. This was what we did for fun.

So -- want to buy a square? Your donation goes to support good services. Important services. Services that allow people to live their lives like you and me, regardless of physical limitations or conditions like seizure disorders.

Good things.

What happens if Bessy the Cow poops on your square???

You win $5,000.

No, seriously. You do.

Five. Thousand. Dollars.

Let me give you an idea of what that would buy...

Enough said.

Go buy a square. In fact, buy a bunch. Consider it an investment in your bike gear.



Amy said...

I haven't decided if it is good or not that I knew about this type of event, have watched one before and have seen it used with other animals. depth of cultural experiences from living in Iowa.

Jane said...

That's bullshit! (sorry, couldn't help it...hehe)

LBTEPA said...

That's the funniest thing I ever heard

Meggan Ann said...

That's exactly what I'd buy.