Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Skirts and the City

Anyone running the San Fran Marathon this weekend?? Even just hunting for good deals around the expo?

If you are and you have an ounce of sense in your head, stop by the Atalanta Athleticwear booth!!! A few months ago I told you all about how much I love my Atalanta running skirt -- the fancy look, the fabulous inner short that avoid the rub, functional pockets.

At the expo, the ladies of Atalanta will be raffling away FREE SKIRTS all day Friday and Saturday, plus there will be FREE SOCKS to be had with every purchase.

That's a whole lotta free!

Plus, you'll have a chance to check out their new Inspiration Skirt -- a variation on the running skirt with a "bumhugger" liner (rather than a compression short). It's a light and comfortable fabric and in a TON of cool colors.


(as if there could be more!)

...if you buy an Atalanta skirt and mention IM Able, the great peeps at Atalanta will donate a portion of the proceeds to Canine Partners for Life!

So, in review...

Great skirt: check
Cool colors: check
Awesome company: check
Donation to charity: check

The only thing missing is making you run faster, which is going to have to be left to you gals!!


Jane said...

Can you bike in those skirts? I have approved many patients for Canine helpers - they can also be trained as seizure dogs! (somehow can detect seizures before it happens). they also help lift people's spirits.

Krista said...

Um. I want a skirt!!