Friday, July 20, 2007

Meet Me in Madison

Okay, maybe not just me, but what about a whole buncha bloggers?

It's only 50 days now, kids. And my hyperplanning, list-making, Type A personality is working on the itinerary already. There are airport maps and lists of confirmations numbers, estimated arrival times and notes about how to get across Chicago without hitting the mother of all morning traffic jams.

It'll be quite a document in the end. I'll take a picture of it for kicks and giggles. I luvs me some lists.

Anyway. Back to what I was saying. Meeting up.

How much of a shame would it be to spend all year getting to know each other over the internet and then get to Madison and completely biff on actually MEETING?? Like in person!

Tisk,'d be a shame.

I recently posted this out on the raceAthlete forum, but I want to put it out there for everyone.

"IMWI is only (gasp) 50 days away.


So, thoughts have again turned to planning. I'm wondering if there is any interest out there for bloggers to have a central place to post up their plans for connecting while in Madison. E.g., who is staying at the same hotel, those who are planning on doing the Gatorade swim together, ride sharing to/from airport. You get the idea.

I'd be willing to administer a team blog for that purpose if there's interest out there. Thoughts?"

So...would this be helpful? A waste of time? Indifferent?

Also, Siren made a good point that volunteers get the shaft when it comes to fun things to do during the pre-race buildup. No fun wetsuit fittings (um...wait, is that fun??) and Gatorade swims. So this could be a place for volunteers for the race to hook up, as well as racers and friends and family of racers.

{Update: According to The Bold himself, some of this is already in action behind the scenes with Simply Stu and Iron Wil. I'll keep everyone updated who is interested when I know more details. Can't wait to meet the extended family!!}


Bolder said...

we learned our lesson at wildflower.

there's gonna be an itinerary coming out of raceAthlete dudes...

stu's already sent out the note.

don't worry, you'll get to meet me.

same thing for your sister too ;)

Krista said...

Um. So, I'm not participating, but I live approximately three towns over from Madison, and I TOTALLY wanna meet you!

stronger said...

I'll be there as a cheerleader.

Let's hope cell phone service, hotels and rental cars make it easier than Wildflower. I say set it up and we'll start making plans.

Siren said...

Yay! I suspected Stu might have something brewing... can't WAIT!!!

JohnnyTri said...

hey your gonna met lots of cool bloggers!! Im jealous..

continue to have fun.


Steve S. said...

FIFTY DAYS?!?! Crap....

TriShannon said...

Count me in for a meet up!!

Tony said...

I can't make it to IMWI, but I sure do hope you all have a great time. Good luck to all of you.

Keep up the good work.