Wednesday, November 01, 2006


If a joy were in a bottle, sparkly, slippery, and dazzeling to the eye, I would sell that snake oil to any bidder. If just a small bottle would reset the askew and uncrook the crooked, I would market it to all and give it away at the holidays. I would drink it down unabashedly and selfishly soak up all its purposful restorative. I would package and parcel and send and share. I would tell all and invite many, I would bask and repeat, I would lead by example and draw by the hand.

I would go for a morning run . . . want to join me?


Mister P. said...

Everything sounded so good... until you used the word "morning". I still can't break into the whole getting-up-early-to-run thing.

Jeremy said...

The only morning run I have planned in the next couple of weeks is that 26.2 jaunt on the 19th.

ClareUK said...

I would be there (for at least 2 miles!) if only it looked so good in my part of the world. It is cold, dark and miserable... oh and I have my first race (in about 22 years...) in 2 weeks.

Thanks for the encouraging comments- I've actually been to Barcelona for lots of walking so I will be posting again soon.