Monday, November 20, 2006

16 miles, but DNF

Okay, a quick update here before I craft a much longer, much funnier, and MUCH more detailed race report. I made it through 16 miles of the marathon yesterday before my left knee buckled under me and took me out of the race. I've had problems with my IT band since high school sports, so generally I do my special stretches (done) and carefully monitor my gait (done), but sometimes I'm missing some elusive part of the combination.

So, around mile 16 the mild aggravation had turned to sharp pain, so I stopped to stretch again. Took one step back onto the pavement and it wouldn't support weight. Aargh!! (And, nope, that wasn't the word going through my head!) I stretched, tried again, and pondered stopping. Then I did turn back and limped for a while, and decided to try again. (I'm not good with hearing 'no,' even if it comes from my body.) No joy. Second time was worse, so I had to call it a day. Nearly all of my relatives on my father's side have had various knee surgeries and/or replacements. My estimation yesterday was that those last 10 miles would not happen without risking finding myself in the OR. And I have no time for the OR in 2007. No time.

But, I have much to add to that story -- celebrity sightings, crowd favs, and porta-pottie musings -- so check back later.

For now, my achy 33 year old body is on the hunt for massive amounts of Advil, a bag of ice, and a pillow for elevation.


nancytoby said...

That sounds like a pretty darned good reason for a DNF! Nice effort, anyway, and better luck on the next one!

Jeremy said...

Sorry to hear about the knee issues you had yesterday. I think you made the right call to avoid further injury.

Regardless, you should be very proud of your effort!

Hope you feel better soon.

Bolder said...

i was plagued in the beginning of my tri season by my IT band.

i dubbed it IT BS.

i did a lot of posts on how i overcame it, not sure if you were reading then, and not sure if it will help you.

mostly, it involved, and still involves, the use of a foam roller, or stick/rolling pin to break up the adhesions, and loosen up your tight ITB...

email me, and i'll send you the linky if you want them!

LBTEPA said...

DNF = Did Nothing Foolish - good on you for being sensible! And running 16miles, that's, um 25ish km!!!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Ohh, I hear you on the IT band thing. I'm struggling too. Like Bold, I've been one of the foam roller faithful - it does work.

Plus Orthotics.
Plus regular massage work.
Plus a sports chiropractor who ROCKS.
Plus stretching all the bleeping time.

Here's to pain meds - and getting better!

Porscha said...

Yes, knee pain. I've been plagued by them since my junior high years. Bad joints run in my family. I plan on hitting Sam's or Costco for some major Motrin refills. That should help take care of it throughout snowboarding season. Oh yea, and I absolutely hate stretching. :p

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your knee. It sounds like you made the right decision. You have bigger fish to fry in 2007. Good luck!! I hope you feel better soon.


Flatman said...

hope your knee is better soon...from one bad knee to another...