Monday, October 30, 2006


(This is just a parenthetical. It’s not actually a real post. I’m actually shamelessly hiding from my blog and its readers.

Hiding? From us? But, why?


Life has made, well, life a little complicated. Bore you with the details, I will not. But it involves a head cold and some bad karma from a couple of people around me. Result -- little training and not much tri-lovin.

Bad karma? Good grief…that sounds ominous. Bad, even. What's up?

Oh, it’s nothing big, really. You know how sometimes the world seems, um, conducive. And sometimes, a bit resistant. My world has been a little resistant recently. In a purse catching on door nob in mid step leading to spilled coffee and a broken nail kind of way. But with people rather than things.

But you can tell us about that! We’re just your imaginary-internet-friends. We don’t mind rants.

I know, I know. And thanks – I can always count on you guys. But, let’s just keep these to myself. If I have my druthers – and I almost always have my druthers – I’ll have good news to report soon and all these clouds and cobwebs will be cleared.

Cobwebs? Did she say cobwebs?

Of course, silly. A touch of the season, for effect. Literary nuance.

Someone should tell her that Halloween isn’t until tomorrow. I don’t think she knows. Do you think she remembered to turn her clocks back?

Of course I remembered to turn them back. Common guys, you know I can hear you! I’m TYPING you!

Okay, she’s getting a little crabby now. Maybe we should go.



LBTEPA said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
Now the main thing when life is giving you a bit of a pasting is to keep smiling and keep your eyes on the prize (says the world champion whinger LOL).
Something I keep forgetting: exercise endorphins make everything better so don't let it slide too far down the priority list.
Chin up mate :)

Porscha said...

Ah yes, I know the lack of tri-lovin. *sigh* We, your imaginary internet friends will be here when you get back. :D

No Hassle Loans said...
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Jeremy said...

Get some rest and keep your chin up! You rocked at the 25k and you'll be great on the 19th!

P.S. - I haven't tried Hoodia Diet Pills, but something tells me that No Hassle Loans is not in the Tri-Geek Alliance!

Anonymous said...

Thanxs for the post on my blog.
Feeling much better!

Hey, every has some tri-lovin` even in down times its always in the back of your mind.

Watch the "nay-sayers" as they seem to bring unlevel karma when you least expect it.

Rockon' girl...