Friday, October 13, 2006

For Immediate Release: Bithday Relocated, Retooled, and Redefined

Nope, didn't lose my birthday, per se. It did happen...technically.

But, I've decided to get a little creative about my birthday and hereby announce that TODAY is also my birthday. At least for this year.

I had a very nice day on Wednesday...don't get me wrong. It was a good day at work and I made it through until the end without falling down or messing anything (important) up or insulting any strangers. I even got beautiful flowers from my man AND cool gifts from Lil' Sis (more on those nuggets later).

But, it was kind of, um...blah.

Yup, just kind of...blah.

Mighty M was stuck at the office until way late. I had a box of mac & cheese for dinner. There wasn't really anything to watch on tv and I wasn't really in the mood to run. Just blah.


So -- knowing that a birthday is supposed to be FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC, I hereby announce that today is my birthday.


(or two)

(or whatever)

Why today?

Because it is a beautiful fall day out. Because I am rocking the house with my work productivity. Because I'm going for a run after work through crunchy fall leaves and under a bright blue sky. Because I'm having dinner with my sweetie at the Dilworthtown Inn tonight. Because I get to dress up like a purdy lady and be waited on by snobby waiters. Because tomorrow I head to the beach to play golf with my Dad (if I can convince him to join in the fun).

Just BECAUSE. Darnit!!

So, I wish all my blogging friends a phenominal weekend...because that's what I plan on having starting....



Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday...again!

Bolder said...

yes, what jeremy said.

LBTEPA said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Angellllllllll
Happy birthday to yoooooooooooo.
Hip hip hooray!

Porscha said...

Oh my, I forgot Wednesday was your birthday, I was going to leave a comment. Well, that just gives me the chance to do it today.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! You Libra Buffalo you! I figure you would enjoy buffalo rather than cow. :D

ClareUK said...

Happy second birthday!

Why stop at a weekend? Make it go on for a week.

Flatman said...

Woohoo...I like this idea! Happy Birthday again.