Monday, October 02, 2006

She's BAAAAACK in the saddle again....

(did ya miss me?)


What a weekend! I would think that I would be updating you on the miles of tread I milled, or the superspeedy cadence I achieved on some whacky descent.

But no.

Actually much of my weekend was triathlon free. Much needed attention was paid, instead, to all of those other facets of my life that were tugging at my shirt, yammering for a little lovin and a little TLC. So I did laundry. And I organized my personal finance files. I snuck in a trip to Weggies and a (frightening...omg it was so scary) trip to BJs.* I made a delicious – DELICIOUS – steak dinner with Mighty M to celebrate absolutely nothing. I napped. I spent QT with M. I bundled under blankets and watched stupid tv.

Okay, so it wasn’t all blissful being triathlon-free. I did feel a little guilty, too. And a tad bit antsy. What is it in our makeup that doesn’t allow for personal time, time away from training? That was the intent of this weekend, but it did lend to the ever so subtle undercurrent of guilt. Toto, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore!

So, I’ve decided that my casual approach to my ‘off season’ is over. Training begins again in full earnest. No joke. It’s time to get it ON! I mean, really, I'm going to Wisconsin in only a handful of months to GET MY GROOVE ON and I need to be ready. Plus, I do well with structure. Much better than I do without. I enjoy that accountability. I need a plan. I don’t do well without one.

So, in that spirit, here’s my plan for this week. It fits in like this:

~ continued running for marathon peak (Nov 19),
~ moderate cross training for both increased calorie burn and reduction of knee pain,
~ addition of core training for better running form.

How to get there:
Swim: 2000 meters
Bike: 60 minutes (approx. 20 miles)
Run: approx 35 miles, give or take
Strength: 1 hour core, 1/2 hour upper body


Plan of Attack

AM Nothing
PM 9.3 mile (3 loop) run – target 11:00 minute miles
½ hour core video

AM Swim – moderate pace, focus on form and breathing
500 warm up
ladder – 50, 100, 200, 300, 200, 100, 50
500 cool down
Total: 2000M

PM Run – recovery pace, 3.1 miles

AM Run – fartlek’s
10 minute warm up
1 – 2 – 3 – 2 – 1
10 minute cool down, stretching

PM upper body freeweights

AM Bike (gym) – 60 minutes @ L12, hills

PM Run – tempo (40 minutes)
½ hour core video


Off (Chester County Day!)

LSD – 15 miles – Marsh Creek or Rt. 52



* BJs...on a Saturday afternoon. What was I thinking? What in the world was I thinking? Kids...just keep your hands close to your body, don’t look anyone straight in the eye, and head down. You’re here for coffee, shaving cream, and paper towels. Absolutely no bose systems or DVD player for the basement. Absolutely not...hey...wait......PUT THAT DOWN!!!! Geesh.

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Porscha said...

Hehe, I know how that can be! I had the money to sign up for swim classes and my inner wuss decided to take on driving classes instead. (Yes, I'm 25 and don't have a license, sheesh.) So, with what little bravery I had I drove my Instructer into U-turn after U-turn lecturing myself about how sucky I'm going to do in my first sprint race. At least I'll have a way to get to the gym. LOL