Monday, May 05, 2008

I came, I saw...

I came, I saw, I did not conquer. Or did I? I guess it depends on how you define conquer.

A full race report to come -- because this one deserves the full treatment -- but it was a hard day for Able out there yesterday. Actually, it was just a hard run. The swim was strong, the bike was okay, and everything crumbled at mile 7 of the run.


But I finished, through sheer grit and determination. They were going to have to pull me kicking and screaming. I was not stopping no matter what. And thanks to thoughts of fellow bloggers (Megan, Monica, and be precise) and my unwillingness to live an unfinished life, I managed to cross a nearly vacant finish line hours after when I planned to.

DFL. Again.

Double sigh.

There were some very funny moments to the day, I promise. And some really thrilling parts of the day that remind me why we all train and work so hard to do this. So when I have a little time and can manage to move without pain, I'll write it all down. Because seriously, when you have a police escort for a pee break? You just have to write it down. Somewhere. Anywhere.

For now, pass the Aleve and my coffee. And maybe a cane.


Andrea said...

Can't wait for the report! I was thinking of you yesterday while I was riding my own 70.3 course (just for practice).

The important thing is what you learned about yourself while racing - isn't that what coach is always saying? And just from this post, it sounds like you may have learned a thing or two.

Now it's what we do with what we learn, how we understand it and grow from it, that makes us better athletes.

WAY TO GO! I know you worked your butt off!

CAMI said...

You big tease! I can't wait for the report on the police escort.
Good job finishing what sounds like a really rough race. Way to stay strong!

Robyn said...

I don't even know, but was thinking of you on Saturday! Big congrats on gutting it out! Looking forward to reading the report.

Wes said...

You are so funny :-) Congrats on finishing another half ironman. You inspire me!! DFL or NAWT :-D

Calyx Meredith said...

That is the best teaser for a race report EVAH. I will, however, be patient about waiting for it b/c it sounds like some serious post-race down time is in order! Hope you get a buttload of TLC today.

I also was thinking about you out there racing as I ran yesterday. It's true I only ran 3 miles, but I ran them s-l-o-w-l-y so there was plenty of time to send you good mojo. (Although, it may have traveled as slowly as I was running! If it missed the race and doesn't get there until today, maybe it'll help with the recovery effort.) Peace!

Alili said...

I was thinking of you yesterday. You are one tough chic! Way to gut it out Able one:)

stronger said...

You know what the first person and the last person have in common? They both cross the same finish line. Great job finisher.

Stef said...

Can't wait for the report! What an accomplishment, DFL or not!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry to hear that the last half of your run sucked. But you finished and I'll bet learned a lot from the race. CONGRATS!!!

Look forward to reading your report.

Pharmie said...

Can't wait to read the race report! I know it'll be entertaining, as always!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are learning some fantastic stuff from your coach! You both had tough races on the weekend but you both finished anyway!!! Good on you Able.

The best races aren't necessarily the ones we PB at, but the ones we grit through and finish, in spite of pain, torture and negativity!

Can't wait to read the race report, but ditto on the above comments - sounds like you need some recovery time! Take care and look after yourself.

Megan said...

DFL will always win over DNF. And for as hard as it was, you came out stronger then when you went in. I am so proud that you stick with it, that no matter how crappy things felt, you forced yourself to that finish line.

On June 29th, when you toe the line for the next 1/2, you will be doing so wiser, stronger and tougher.


MAJ said...

It sounds like my police escort at the end of St. Anthony's!!!!

You know what's funny? When I read your email it made me shake in my shoes. Because I know how hard FL HIM is going to be for me..... My first 70.3, I'm severely undertrained, and now Jayme (who was better-trained and prepared than I) had a hard time with her HIM?

SHEISSE! I'm not gonna make it!

But . . . then I thought to myself. Wait wait wait just a freaking second here. I have known people who were star athletes in high school who only took an hour longer than you. And then I thought . . . you FINISHED.


You didn't have to.


So you did.

Tea said...

I canNOT wait for the race report! Congrats on once again conquering! And above all finishing a race that 99% of people could never dream of finishing.

Danni said...

Jayme, congrats on finishing!!! I was thinking about you on sunday!
Like Liz says, you come out stronger on the hard days. You will be better prepared, you will know what works and what doesn't work. And when you get to that start line for the next one, you will be one race more experienced.
Way to tough it up and get to the finish line.

Nancy Toby said...

Hey, you just got the most time on the course for your entry dollar! Way to hang in there, and looking forward to the report!

LBTEPA said...

You know, people who can do things for a long time are usually considered very good at them! Waiting on the report....

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

YOU DID IT! Congratulations! I agree with everything said above, couldn't have said it better myself. But most poignang was the fact that you didn't DNF. Way to stick it through - you are incredible! Can't wait to read the RR!

triguyjt said...

First of all...congrats...Another Half bites the dust..

a police escort for a Pee break???
Thats the mother of all teases, Able...
check back with you

monica said...

police escort?? was he hot?? I.AM.SO.JEALOUS.

and you know what DFL stands for in my book??

Doin' it
For the

cuz if you don't have luv, there's no point..

cannot wait for your report!!!


Sarah said...

Oh man, do I EVER know how you feel on the DFL thing. Thanks for posting to my blog, like you said, it's nice to know someone else knows how you feel!

Brent Buckner said...

Got it done!

Jane said...

"I finished, through sheer grit and determination. They were going to have to pull me kicking and screaming. I was not stopping no matter what." - that's the best. Never underestimate sheer will to finish.

Go Mom Go said...

You finished...what else is there? :)

Great job!


Kim said...

you finished!!!! a bunch of my QT2 teammates including my coach did the race and said it was BRUTAL! so you were in good company! cant wait for your race report :)