Monday, April 28, 2008

De Plan, Part I

Okay...time to start thinking ahead to this weekend.

Here's the coach approved nutrition and hydration plan for Sunday. Since we've been practicing, I've learned that (a) solids early is better than solids later, (b) I'm a salty sweater, so I need tabs, (c) I dehydrate before I realize it, so I need to be better about drinking, and (d) accelerade, beans, and bloks are my friends.

I need to get some equipment fixed up (my aero bottle needs a new straw and brace) and I need some tubes for insurance. So, there might be a lunch trip to Performance Bike in my future. I'm also considering a hotel room for the night before, since a 2 hour trip to the site eats into my sleep schedule and sleep is goooood. Still not sure if it's worth the extra $100.

HIM Nutrition/Hydration Plan



Plain Bagel, Tbsp Peanut Butter, Tbsp Nutella
30+ oz Water


1 ripe banana




1 GU


@ 0:10 – ¼ power bar + 2 salt tabs
@ 0:40 – ¼ power bar
(1st hour: 20 oz accelerade, sip water)
300 cals

@ 1:20 – ½ bag beans + 2 salt tabs
@2:00 – ½ bag beans
(2nd hour: 20 oz accelerade, sip water)

@ 2:40 – 1 bag clif bloks (w/sodium)
(3rd hour: 20 oz accelerade, sip water)

In case of exceeding 3 hours…
@ 3:00 1 GU + 2 salt tabs
@ 3:40 nothing
(4th hour: 20 oz bottle exchange sport drink, sip water)

Calories per hour average: 290 (320/hr for first 3 hours)
% from food: 45%
% from fluid: 55%

Need on bike: 3 bottles Accelerade (rear cages and aero bottle), 1 large water (bike cage), ½ power bar, 1 bag beans, 1 bloks, 2 GU’s, 6 salt tabs (min)


1 GU + 2 salt tabs


@ 0:30 – 1 GU
@ 1:00 – 1 GU + 2 salt tabs
@ 1:30 – 1 GU
@ 2:00 – 1 GU + 2 salt tabs

(Hydration – sports drink on course, water on course)

Need on run: 4 GU’s, 4 salt tabs (min)


Tri-Bob said...

Plan ahead now for the fact that thw swim in Devilman is one of the most disgusting experiences you will ever have. I did this race the past two years and will NEVER go back until they make improvements.

The swim is in a murky lake near the school in Cedarville. At first look, it seems harmless. Upon entering the water, I was greeted by a 5 foot long black snake. That was the "good" part. Once the swim waves entered the water, the 2 foot deep mud got all stirred up, making it essentially a mud-fest for the first 100 yards. As each loop circled around past the starting area, it was another pass through the mud. I could not see much more than 1/2 inch in front of me for this stretch of a couple of hundred yards. It was only on the opposite side of the lake that one could see.

Also an issue was the water's depth, or lack thereof...I could feel stumps and branches from the bottom on my hands and legs.

All in all, a miserable experience.

The bike is fast and flat with some open fields on either side that makes the wind an issue at times.

The run is through open farm fields...the only issue is the heat /sun if a warm day.

Calyx Meredith said...

Thank you for posting your nutrition plan! I found out from this weekend that I need serious work on my nutrition. It's helpful to see how other folks plot theirs out!

And good luck in the race - especially on the swim! My goodness I hope you have a better experience than tri-bob did!!!

IM Able said...

Wow, Bob.

Things in the water is one of my hangups for the swim. Really the only one, I guess. And here I was excited for that part.

So I'm going to try to purge those visuals you shared
and hope our recent rain has raised the water levels a bit instead. And, I guess, look out for snakes. Great.

Bill said...

It's worth the $100. 'Nuf said.

Looks like a very good nutrition plan. I hope that it treats you well through the course.

Looking forward to a great race report!

K.Michele said...

Good luck! And shallow water isn't all that bad. In my tri this weekend we had a two minute walk break five minutes into the swim because the water was too shallow at that particular point!

Anonymous said...

IM Able,
GOOD luck this weekend! I had to go back and re-read that this 1/2 IM was in NJ in May!!! Helloo.....the water here is still in the 30s. Holy cow!! Anyway, the nutrition plan looks solid and I know are READY to go. Have a super, super race this weekend. Race your own race and go go go!
Jen H. :)

Andrea Ford said...

Good luck this weekend!
Put those negative swim images out of your mind. If you need a "bright side" to look at: the mud won't let you see what's on the bottom!
Solid nutrition plan, now you just have to follow it. Enjoy the race!

Robyn said...

Good luck! Visualize great, great things. Embrace what will be tough. And just say no to snakes!

MAJ (Meggan Ann Johnson) said...

Tri-bob's description of the swim sounds like the swim in every lake-swim triathlon in Florida. You're guaranteed to exit the water with mud, moss, algae and/or animals in your tri suit.


That being said, I'm all over your nutrition plan, you don't have to worry about not being funny, I am completely eye-to-eye with you on the special hell, and I am SO looking forward to hearing your race report.

Your Biggest Fan
Trying not to Poop Myself in Florida

Andrea said...

Rock it sister!
ANd wholly cow! That's a lot of nutrition and makes me think that maybe I need to tweak my plan.

Good luck - you can do this regardless of snakes, mud, baracudas, algae, blah, blah, blah.

Can't wait to read the race report!!!

Alili said...

Great plan, stick with the plan...and of course don't panic if the plan has to be altered in the midst.

Rock this course!

Lesser is More said...

Looks like you're ready to go get 'em. Have a great race!

Mallie said...

Best of luck, and I'll send no-beastie mojo your way for the swim!

TrainingtoTri said...

Good luck! Thanks for posting your nutrition, I really need to work on taking in more calories on the bike! I can't wait to read your race recap.

Tea said...

Good Luck!

btw-I've run into a couple of snakes in the water here big deal though, but it was only during a training swim. Most of the time, they stay away from all the splashing (ie during a race!)

I really can't wait to hear how it goes. I think you are going to have a fantastic experience!

MAJ (Meggan Ann Johnson) said...

Oh, and by the way - IN CASE OF EXCEEDING THREE HOURS ON a 56-MILE BIKE RIDE? DUDE! It takes me 1.5 to go 40k on a good day. I'd SO exceed THREE HOURS.


MtngirlinCali said...

Good luck this'll do great, especially with all the thought and hard work you've put into your training so far!

triguyjt said...

great job on getting the nutrition plan all set...

I bet your really happy now that BOB disclosed all the hell that is the swim. yikes....

I guess he was just keeping it real...... I......guess....

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that is an incredibly detailed nutrition plan! I probably should do something similar for my 1/2 iron coming up ...

Good luck this weekend!!

Erin said...

GREAT have a fantastic race! Best 'o luck!

Anonymous said...

Hope it all goes to plan. Good luck with the race....

Looking forward to the race report

kt said...

Girl~ You got it. I feel like this would have been a great time for Bob to keep that to himself! =0) You are going to be fantastic.

I am super interested in reading about your nutrition plan. I am working on mine for July and like to hear what others are doing. Let us know how it goes!

MAJ said...