Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I've heard nesting is an instinct. Like some biological imperative that compels things like organizing linen closets and making the kitchen all matchy matchy.

I'm here to confirm that thesis. It is an instinct.

Last week I was off. Like OFF, as in don't need to go to the office for a whole week. Usually this freaks me out. I do not vacation well. I get antsy and aimless early and then bug the begeezes out of Mighty M until I slide into a puddle of ice cream and self loathing by the end.

It ain't pretty.


This time, I got the art of vacationing down with the addition of this nesting instinct. Oh, and planning a wedding. And, as with many things, there are good and bad sides to it.

First, the good sides...

I (finally) picked up my wedding dress!! It was frustratingly late and we were unable to do The Big Fitting Extravaganza as planned, but it's in my little hands now.

Picking up said dress meant I was able to spend a whole day with my FMIL. For all of those who don't speak wedding speak, that means Future Mother In Law. Crafy, no? There's a whole lotta those new things I've learned. Anyway, it was fun. We drove to slower Delaware and shared stories and gossip and plans together. I'm very lucky to have her -- this process would be terribly lonely without her.

I spent an afternoon with my nieces. We giggled and danced and ate cherries and oranges and giggled some more. I miss them when they're gone.

Bought a bazillion yummy vegetables, washed and prepped them all, and made a vat of gazpacho. And them promptly ate the vat of gazpacho. Yum.

I addressed (by hand), organized, stuffed, stamped, and triple checked 110 Save the Date cards for the wedding. And, yes, that's a lot. And, yes, I'm excited to finally put them in the mail today. Woot!

Purchased and started cooking out of a great new cookbook by Ellie Krieger, The Food You Crave. DELICIOUS. I love the book -- I love the recipes. Even Mighty M, the pickiest eater known to man, loved what I made out of it. Go. Buy it.

I got my wedding shoes, my wedding locket (for pictures of my mother and maternal grandmother) for my bouquet, and a strapless "foundation" garment that I will likely never wear.

I tried my dress on for my best friend before a luncheon excursion so she could convince me that -- yes, indeed, a seamstress can make that bodice fit at the fitting and -- no, you won't be spilling out onto the table when you great your guests.

Dancing in it is another story.

I went running and mountain biking with Mighty M and learned that he's a MUCH stronger runner now and I'm a MUCH stronger biker.

We have built from scratch two huge flower boxes, filled them with plants, planted innumerable other planters and flower beds, and mulched everything we could lay our hands on, hedgetrimmed our jungle of a backyard, and put out SEVEN massive contractor bags of mess for bulk trash. And yes, it was exhausting, but terribly satisfying, too.

I spent an hour watching three baby birds be fed by momma bird with our 4-year old neighbors. It was fascinating watching the girls discover about baby birds and see it all unfold.

I washed every stitch of clothing I own.

I bought a new spring wardrobe, albeit from the sale rack at New York & Co.

We picked up our newly minted wedding bands. Mighty M has lost a bunch of weight, so his doesn't fit. But mine...mine...is gorgeous. He won't let us keep them in the house, knowing I'll try mine on every second I'm in the room. So, I'm begrudgingly letting them go to his parent's house for safe keeping. I guess I'll just have to try my wedding dress on a million times, instead.

I spent 5 hours waiting for my car to have four tires replaced and a whole lotta alignment stuff done. She is now safe and sturdy. And I'm broke again.

And, onto what I didn't really do...

Train all that much.

Yup, I'm behind. I know, I know. I lost some steam after parting with the Elf and all the wedding stuff kept me ridiculously busy since. But I've now made some wedding progress, lots of progress at the home, and ready to get back to my regular life. I've missed it. Maybe that was the point...to miss it.

Anyway, I'm still on board for the Oly in July, so I've built a plan around that. I have some news about my running and persistent knee issues, but that can wait. For now, I've gotta get moving on my day.


Tea said...

Honestly, I cannot think of a better way to spend a week vacation. ARe you sure it wasn't a month?

triguyjt said...

welcome back..awesome break for you...
I love how you spent an hour with the little kids watching the birds... lifes simple pleasures...

LBTEPA said...

That sounds like the best holiday ever :)

MAJ said...

Dress pics!!!

Calyx Meredith said...

Wow - you go for working vacations, don't you? Sounds like you did exactly what you needed to do for your whole life - and since it's your whole self that you throw into races - it makes sense to me to be balanced. Glad you're having fun with wedding plans and nesting and connecting with your FIL's!

Elizabeth Phillips--Henry's Mom said...

Don't worry about falling out of the dress. My husband LOVED being on "boob patrol" at the reception and I'm sure yours will as well.

Megan said...

Yeah, okay - scratch that Facebook comment - clearly I need to keep up better with the blogs.

All of htat sounds heavenly. Seriously. Every last task and event. I felt myself getting relaxed even reading this.

Glad you had a good week off - and training smaining - unlike fresh summer cherries, it will always be there when you get back.