Monday, May 12, 2008

Next stop?

Thanks to everyone who wrote such great comments last week. I needed that. I mean, I knew it was the right decision, but it's nice to have two dozen internet friends confirm for you that, no indeed, your mama didn't raise no fool.


Even my Dad stepped up and sent me a note about being very proud of me and how this will be a great decision for our future.

Which, of course, means that he read that part about 'sucking monkey balls.'

And likely my in-laws did, as well.

Oh. My.


Now, to put your fears at rest, I will not go quietly into the night of triathlon moderation.


I warbled around the house for about 2 days, getting all weirded out by not having anything to do at 7:00 at night. Asking whether I could go to bed that early. Sleeping so much I woke up feeling (gasp) rested. And generally feeling completely unmoored from my roots.

Because I didn't have a plan.

People, I NEED A GOAL.

I know this much is true. I always need a goal. I need something to look forward to, to plan for, to get ready for, to just plain have in my sights.

I don't fare well bouncing around the house.

So, I'm off again. Next stop? Diamond in the Rough -- an olympic (yeah!) tri that's under an hour (yeah!) away from my house. It's affordable and close. So close, in fact, that my future mother-in-law is coming to see what all the fuss is about (yeah!) and it should prove to be a fun day.

I read "technical" and "hilly" in the bike course description. Bring. It. On.

I've reached back into my library for a new plan to get ready. Honestly, I feel much more at ease with the advanced plans now that I've spent 6 months working with a coach. She forced me to test my boundaries, so I'm a little more at ease with complicated plans.

I just have to make sure I'm not SO at ease I just start skipping my workouts. Um...cause I've never, ever done that before. Neeeeevah.

So.... I'm back on the training tip and have a double session waiting for me tonight. And another two singles tomorrow. And a full week of intervals and base swims and fartleks and short rides and long runs and (of course) a brick for good measure.

Oh, and some core work. Because this little chica has her first wedding dress fitting over the weekend.

I know.

I peed myself just a little, too.

Plus, I'm going wedding shoe shopping with said FMIL tomorrow night...and we're going to bust out all girlie like and try on veils and tiaras and pretty things in the name of matrimony. And being girls.

I just hope they don't mind me showing up in training gear.



Wes said...

An olympic distance will be fun... Happy training, and wedding prep :-)

LBTEPA said...

You're worrying me me with your enthusiasm for technical and hilly...
Training gear = easy to get in and out of = perfect for dress fittings! Have fun!!

Calyx Meredith said...

I think weddings are endurance events in and of themselves so training gear should work just fine. Have fun shoe shopping and prepping for those hills! Go Able Go!

Tea said...

Olys are my FAVE! LOVE THEM! You'll have so much fun!

And enjoy the girlie stuff too! Just wait until you get to taste the wedding cake samples...sigh....

JenC said...

Sounds like a great plan to me! It will help you stay goal oriented without breaking yourself or the bank.

Andrea Ford said...

Have fun with your FMIL... girly stuff you can do with her is great! Sounds like you've had to re-evaluate your life's priorities and made some tough (monkey ball sucking) decisions. There's no shame in racing local races and I know many people who would die just to complete an Oly triathlon... Go get 'em.
BTW who says wedding dress footwear has to be girlie? I'm a good 3" taller than my hubbie, so flats were a must for me. And what's more comfortable than sneakers?... pretty, sparkly ones though, not ones I would ever use to run a marathon in, but sneakers just the same!
Have fun planning your wedding.

monica said...

diamond in the rough. i like the sound of that. and wow, it doesn't sound like you've skipped a beat with training!!! i think you're gonna find a happy medium with all of it.

wedding dresses.... awe yeeeeeah!!!

TxTriSkatemom said...

andrea stole my thunder, but i think a nice pair of racing flats or even cycling shoes would be awesome. and if the dress is long, nobody would really be the wiser until it's time to hoist up the hem for the garter!
think "father of the bride" (the Steve Martin one, not the Liz Taylor one).