Sunday, April 27, 2008

A special hell

There is a special hell that comes in the form of event planning. It's filled with late rsvp's and indecisive diners, missing tables from the floor plan and sponsor ads that have outdated CEO info on it. For those who do it full time, I salute you. And want to pass you some Prozac. You must need it.

Thankfully, it only comes as part of my job, otherwise I'd have committed myself long ago.

But when it comes, it swallows your life whole. Your personal life, your sleep, your training, your everything.

Remember that scene from Men in Black, when the alien spits Will Smith out and he's covered in gastric alien slime, but terribly proud of himself?

Yeah. The event is now done. I've been slimed.

The great news? Our sponsors are very pleased with the result, people enjoyed themselved and connected with our mission, and nobody barfed on the dessert table. The good news is that I'm finally out from under the constant pressure of endless details that don't care that you have a swim planned or a brick to finish. Key or not key. No event? I'm in the pool at 7 am. Event? I'm on the phone with board members at 7 am.


I slept most of the day today. Literally. Mighty M let me sleep in (love him) until 10 (good grief!) and we noshed on some breakfast together. Watched tv and then napped.

For 4 hours.

Seems I was tired.

Finally around 8 I realized I should return to the land of the living and actually do some training, so I completed a bike session on the schedule. This event has pooped all over my taper plans for the half next weekend, but I don't think I've completely killed my preparations at all.

Now I'm packing a bag for tomorrow's return to the pool and will be thrilled to be doing a smooth set of 4 x 500 rather than trying to convince resistent board members that really, no really, I actually do need the final text for the program. Like yesterday.

All I have to say's nice to be back.


Robyn said...

From one nonprofit queen / triathlete(who also has part-time event planning responsibilities) to another, congrats and welcome back! I'm already thinking about the huge event I have the week after my half later this year...why do these things always come at the same time?!

Wes said...

Ooooh... Half ironman... :-) have a great week!

Stef said...

Yes have a great week!! You are so brave for doing a half IM this early in the year. Can't wait to live vicariously through you for this one.

Andrea said...

Totally know what you are talking about! Luckily, we have been blessed with having a full-time event planner on our staff who loves this little details like planning a menu and seating arrangements.

Welcome back to "normal". We've missed you. :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job! Welcome back to your regular life!

Bill said...

Ahh, the joys. From running breakfasts with 60 attendee's to full-blown dinners with over 800 attendees, I feel your pain.

I was always glad to have a supportive team and flexible folks to help out. Then I drank heavily.

Megan said...

YAYAYAYAY!!!! You survived! I am glad you got some rest and mindless tv watching in. a couple hot showers and the green goo will wash right off!

I am seriously behind on posts, so please forgive me.